Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day

Ugh!  What a morning it has been!!  Today is Kai's last day of school for the year, which means today is my last day of structure. lol!  After today I'll no longer have 3 whole hours to myself to get stuff done that's hard to do with a "helper".

And how did we start this day?  By running incredibly late.  Kai got out of bed late, I made her breakfast with Almond Milk since we're out of cow's milk.  She proceeded to go on and on about how she's told me she doesn't like COCONUT milk.  I told her it was almond milk and she responded with, "I guess I don't like it either"...then she drank it.  (Kids!!).

I did laundry last night so Kai could wear ANY outfit she wanted to school.  It seemed like a nice offer until I remembered that too many options equals trouble.  Eventually we settled on her sparkly dress.  There were issues finding her shoes and the right barrette.  Finally we made it to school, without our contribution to the class picnic tomorrow.  No biggy, her teacher said I can just bring it tomorrow.

Oh, and the Pacers lost last night. :(

I didn't see it.  I struggled to stay awake through the first half and after a TERRIBLE call by the refs when a Heat player actually hit a Pacer (both teams were playing crazy aggressive but they cannot be allowed to just hit eachother), and then seeing Granger twist his ankle (I really do feel like I curse players when I buy their jersey) at the end of the half, I decided I was going to bed.   I didn't read, I didn't play with my phone, I just laid my head on my pillow and drifted off to dream land. :)

Yesterday started with an oatmeal breakfast.  Topped with bananas, mulberries and whipped coconut milk. :)

For lunch we were going to have personal pizzas but I didn't make the crust and then the eggplant slices I had planned to grill and use as the base were old & sketchy so I just composted them instead.  With a lack of "crust" we turned our pizza idea into a pizza quesadilla.

On the griddle went some Multigrain Tortillas with Mozzarella cheese, spinach, basil, tomato, sweet pepper, garlic and tomato sauce. :)

The key to getting Kai to eat it all is to let her make her own.  I get all the ingredients ready and then she piles them on.  She likes adding them so much she even adds a lot of "salad", aka Spinach. :) 

Once the cheese is nice and melty I fold it in half...

 ... and then cut and serve.

For dinner I made a MASSIVE amount of brown rice!  Yeah, I even called my sister after dinner and told her if she needs any rice for her meals tomorrow she's welcome to take one of the 3 (!!) leftover contains I have of it.  :)

I also sauteed some onion and then added drained & rinsed Kidney Beans, a can of tomato with chili, frozen corn kernels, and frozen okra.  Plus I went through the spice cabinet and added a few shakes of anything that smelled good.  The lid went on and it simmered for about 30 minutes.  It ended up nice and spicy. :)

I ate the rice and bean dish with a bed of Spring Mix and nutritional yeast.

The Hubs had his rice and spring mix with some grilled chicken.

As did Kai (She ate MAYBE half her chicken, so the Hubs helped her out)

When I was digging for the Kidney beans in our spinning cabinet where I keep the can goods, I can across a can of Libby's Pumpkin.  PUMPKIN!!

So for dessert Kai and I had pumpkin mixed with almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and some raisins. 

Now to enjoy the last of my time off before I pick Kai up from school for the last time this year. :)

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