Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Heart May

It's finally May!!!  

In Indy most people get excited because that means the Indy 500 is approaching and all the fun activities that go with it.  For me that means that the new YoguLatte will be opening in Speedway this month!  That's right, a block or so from the Farmer's Market Express (also opened yesterday) will be a frozen yogurt shop.  AND I now drive a Dodge Caravan so there will be plenty of room for all my fruit/veggies & yogurt.   Ladies and Gentlemen, the stars have officially aligned!! :D

In my excitement I too zero pictures yesterday. :(

Well that's not true.  I actually took a bunch of photos of my boss's house which they're selling (so if you're looking to move to West Lafayette let me know...I'll hook you up).  I just took zero food pictures.

So here we go, using recycled/sourced images:

Breakfast was a Gingerbread Breakfast Smoothie... You know, the one that's become my go-to smoothie. 

Lunch was at Moe's.  Normally when in Lafayette I'd meet up with the girls but I didn't know my schedule so it was just me and Janet this time.  Fortunately Janet makes for wonderful company and I LOVE Moes.  :)

The Hubs was in charge of making dinner last night so we had...  Pizza Hut. lol!!  I seriously ate 1/2 the pizza!! By my self!!  And then I had a pear!!  I guess I was hungry, and it was DELICIOUS.  Then we sat down and watched the Pacer's put Orlando back in their place.  Tee-Hee!!

All in all it was a pretty good day...even if the food wasn't so very exciting! 

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