Thursday, May 10, 2012

That's how they ended the book?!?

Last night I wasn't in the best of moods.  I finished reading The American which I had downloaded from the library.

My opinion?  The book was pretty good but the story did NOT end with the end of the book.  SPOILER ALERT:  And they killed off a character that I was a little lot surprised by.  And they went ahead and made the bad guy into Michael Myers (you know, he's a normal person who can survive impossible falls).  So yeah, they killed off an innocent character while implying a not so innocent bad guy lived and then left me hanging.  After I've invested time and energy into connecting on a story, ending a book that way will definitely put me in a bad mood.  I went ahead and downloaded the second book in the series so hopefully there will be a bit more resolution to it, but I'm still kinda pissed at the first book so I really want to "put it in its place" by ignoring it.  Yep, I'm the mature adult who's trying to punish inanimate objects. lol!

Ok, as for eats over the last two days, here we go...

Tuesday I actually went into the office for a noon time staff meeting.  Hopefully next time I'm up there we'll actually be able to get all the girls back together for lunch.  :)  

Going into the office meant I had my breakfast smoothie.  Then an Early lunch at Panera....

Black Bean Soup with Med. Veggie Sandwich and an Apple.  YUM!!

The Hub's was in charge of making dinner since I wasn't going to be home in time to make anything, which meant we got Chinese Take Out. :)

I had the Mixed Veggies with white rice and a side of Egg Drop Soup.  I'm pretty predictable with my take out but it's taken me a while to find what I really like.  There were a lot of false starts.... Like the Egg Foo Yong?  YUCK!!

Then Yesterday the eats improved a bit. :D

Breakfast was oatmeal topped with 1/2 a banana and some Chocolate PB2 powder.  Seriously, you have to try this stuff.  It's just too good!!

For lunch we made Quesadillas.  Anytime Kai gets to help pick the ingredients the actual meal goes more smoothly. :)
Spinach, Cucumber, Black Beans, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Red Onion

Muti Grain Wrap & Cheddar Cheese
 On a hot griddle I added the toppings to one side of a tortilla and let the cheese get melty.

Tip:  I find that if I just throw Kai's beans on hers she won't eat them (she'll actually pick them out), but if I mash them onto it she doesn't even care.  I guess sometimes it is all about presentation. :)

Once the cheese melted a bit I folded it over and let it toast a bit, then flipped it and toasted the other side.

Each one got sliced and topped with Nutritional Yeast and Avocado.

Kai also had a bowl of Apple Sauce with hers.  (I knew I'd wind up getting some of her quesadilla - but I thought I'd get more than just one slice!)

For dinner I hadn't set any meat out to grill for the Hubs so instead we went with Salmon Patties.  It actually worked out pretty well since it was sprinkling off and on most of the evening. :)

For the Patties I mixed:
1 14oz can Salmon - drained & rinsed
1 C Panko Crumbs
1 Red Onion - finely chopped (I pulsed it in the Ninja)
1 Egg

Then using wet hands I made balls and flattened them on a hot griddle sprayed with Olive Oil.

Once browned I flipped them. :)

As a side I nuked some CA Mix Veggies topped with Nutritional Yeast.

I also made a batch of Kraft Mac & Cheese at the Hubs request but I couldn't bring myself to put the neon powder on Kai's food so instead I gave her some of the pasta with real cheese mixed in and then mixed in a spoonful of the Kraft M&C.  It seemed to work. :)

The Hubs, on the other hand, got the real stuff....

By the end of the night all the patties had been eaten (the last one went to Frodo), Kai polished off the Hub's Mac & Cheese (yes the neon stuff) after cleaning her plate, and I ate the last of our grapefruit and then a big bowl of popcorn.

In fact, if it wasn't for a book with a non-ending it would have been a pretty good night. lol!

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