Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best of...

I took very few pics this weekend.  :(

And there was so much going on!  We had a cousin sleep over, I got my very first Green Bean Delivery, AND there was Mother's Day.  So many activities and so few pics.  Oh well!

I did get a pic of one of the best breakfasts I've had.  I'm not sure if it just happened to be the exact right food at the right time or if the combo of ingredients are what made it surpass everything else but it was great!

I nuked egg with spinach and then topped it with some cut up cherry tomatoes....

Then I topped that with nutritional yeast and avocado...

One of the best lunches we had was a wrap, because let's be honest, wrap or nachos tend to be my favorite meals. :)

This time there was hummus, cucumber, spinach, sweet peppers, avocado, tomato & sweet potato (pre-nuked).

At one point we went to my sister's and discovered this in her yard...

 Does anyone know what makes that kind of a hole in the ground?  It's about an 1" diameter and near a small creek.  We're all hoping it isn't some kind of snake! :)

Of course we got in some more cousin play time!  And of course it resulted in Kai falling off her bike again.  I'm not sure if she'll ever really like riding her bike. :(

Friday night we had a sleep over!  Kai has been BEGGING for one since she found out my sister and her family were moving back to Indy.  In fact there have been several times she's tried to sneak her cousin over!

We had dinner on the rug....

Pasta with Spaghetti Sauce + mixed veggies.  The girls ate it all!!
After dinner we swam in the hot tub and then came in for a movie, smores and popcorn.  It turns out that Kai's cousin does NOT like nutritional yeast.  She told me it makes her tongue hurt!!  After a late night starting out with both girls in bed and ending with me and both girls on the couch they were back up and running at 6:30am.  At what point do kids learn the pleasure of sleeping in???

Lunch on Saturday was a Salad.  You're going to see a lot of salads over the next week because I got 1 head of Romaine Lettuce and 2 Bags of spring mix.  I'm not entirely sure what I did (like I said, it was my first time) but I accidentally ordered the 2 bags of spring mix.  Not that I'm complaining.  It's actually really good. :D

The dressing was my standard mix of Balsamic Vinaigrette, Dijon, Honey/Maple Syrup & Olive Oil whisked together.

The Best dinner I had started out as a French Onion Soup and became a vegetarian Pot Roast.  I sauteed some Onion until it was transparent then turned the heat down and put the lid on it to soften them some more.  After about 10 minutes (in which I stirred it a few times) I added some broth and red wine.  The smell of the wine reminded me of my mom's Pot Roast and that's when I had the bright idea to add some carrots, potato and spinach to the soup.  Then I let it simmer for about 45 minutes with the lid on.

It. Was. Amazing.  Just like my mom's roast but without the beef!  Next time (and there will be a next time, probably very soon!) I'm going to add in some lentils for added protein. :)

Sunday was Mother's Day and I didn't take any pics...Sorry, but it was my day off. :)

I got 2 Melons (I'm 90% sure that the whole reason I got them was so the Hubs could say he gave me 2 melons but I'm not going to complain.  I love me some watermelon!).  I also got my very own Pacers jersey!  And from Kai I got a card she made herself and some flower seeds.  We're going to plant them together.  Hopefully they'll do better than the Sunflower which has disappeared! :)

Brunch was served at the in-laws:  Scrambled Eggs & Hash browns, plus biscuits and sausage for those who want it.  Lunch was my choice and since I was still full from brunch I just had a big bowl of Frozen Yogurt!! :D  Dinner was at our house with my parents & sister...

We had a Nacho pitch-in bar where everyone brought different topping options.  It worked out REALLY well.  Low stress and easily customizable for everyone, from the kids to me! lol! 

After dinner we played some corn hole/bean bag but the Hubs and my mom slaughtered my sister and I.  :(

 Monday we returned home from school and picked a bunch of Mulberries. :D

 They made an excellent side to our left-over-nacho-topping-salads. :)

 Watermelon + Mulberries + coconut whip = heaven

And now you're pretty much caught up with highlights from the last couple of days. :D

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