Thursday, May 24, 2012

Choppin' Watermelon


It's easily one of my favorite foods.  I can eat an entire melon in one sitting and still not be sick of it.  In all my watermelon consumption I've perfected my style of cutting it so I thought I'd share.

Plus my meals yesterday consisted of oatmeal for breakfast, rice & beans for lunch and then rice & beans with tortilla chips for dinner.  So if you saw my pics from Tuesday's dinner you've basically also seen Wednesday's eats.

So, here's how I cut my watermelon for easy-peezy snacking....

Step 1.  Get your melon.  (this is the hardest part since they've been around $6!!  Fortunately they've been on sale for only $3 this week)

Step 2.  Cut the melon in half (save the second half for the next day when you'll probably need more because you've, once again, shown a total lack of control and eaten everything), then cut a sliver off the end so that you can see where the red starts.

Step 3.  Carve the rind off in slivers...

...until you have a naked melon.
This one was a little pinker than I like but what can you do?
Step 4. CAREFULLY slice the watermelon horizontally.  I don't make much of an effort to keep them perfectly straight.  It's fun to look for the "big" pieces when you're eating. :)

Step 5. Cut vertically in one direction.

 ...then cut vertically in the other direction.

Step 6.  You're done cutting - just put it into a bowl and eat to your heart's content.

So I'm curious...How do you cut your watermelon?  Do you follow the same general process as me or do you take a completely different approach??

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