Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poor Frodo...

Our poor little Frodo is sick.  Actually I guess you'd say he's injured, but we don't know what happened. :(

This afternoon he started limping, wouldn't put weight on his back paw and started to drool like mad.  The drooling is how I knew he was in pain.  Real pain.   When he hurts he doesn't cry, or growl or anything like that - he drools.

The Hubs and I took him to our vet and she examined him.  We were really worried about his back since he slipped a disc about a year and a half ago.  He recovered from that but we were warned that the odds of something happening again were high and that he may require surgery if that were to happen.  When she saw the way he was walking she thought that his hip may have been dislocated.  A thorough exam resulted in us discovering he didn't have anything wrong.  We even did X-rays and his bones are just about perfect.  The only thing she saw was a small bone chip but it wasn't between any joints.  Our best guess is that he ran into something hard enough to chip the bone, but that's really a guess.  I was with him all day and didn't see anything happen. 

Yes, that's a HUGE drool spot.
We'll clean the couch when he's all better. :)

So now he's on a couple different meds in an attempt to keep him comfortable and he's to stay in his crate or laying with us on the couch 95% of the time.  He needs to let that leg rest but it's hard to get HIM to understand that. 

Besides taking care of Frodo today, I made up the start of Kai's snacks.

First:  Rabbits & Raisins

Pretty straight forward, huh?  :)

 And while Kai was at school I prepped the fruit for today's snack:  Rainbows!

Strawberries were 5 for $5 at Meijer!  I bought another 3 lbs!!! 

To prep the Strawberries:
I soaked them in vinegar & water then drained & rinsed them.

To prep the Cantaloupe:
I cut off the top & bottom so that it sat on my cutting board, then I cut off the rind.

One the rind was off I cut it in half and used my hand to scoop out the seeds.

Then it's just a matter of cutting it up. :)

Easy Peasy!

To prep the Pineapple:
I cut off the top, bottom & rind/skin.

Then cut the column in half since my corer wasn't long enough if I didn't.

From there I cut up most of it but left a few "rings" in case I need them later in the week. :)

To prep the Kiwi:
I skinned it and cut it.

Then into the bowl the kiwi went. :)

To prep the Grapes:
I de-vined them and rinsed them off.

A rainbow of fruit ready to skewer!

I cut the wooden skewers in half then strung the fruit in rainbow order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue.  There should be more than enough for Kai to share with her classmates. :)

After snacking on quite a bit of fruit (hey, I had to "Taste the Rainbow") I wasn't quite as hungry for lunch as I normally am.  Into a bowl I nuked CA Mix Veggies and black beans.  Then I topped that with some nutritional yeast and added a few chips.

Dinner was thrown into a tailspin thanks to a 2+ hour vet visit...

So Kai ate with Grandpa, who watched her while we took Frodo to the vet. The Hubs got Taco Bell drive-thru (he REALLY seemed to enjoy their new Doritos Tacos) while picking up Frodo's meds.  I made myself a roasted veggie pasta bowl.... 

Roasted onion, brussel sprouts, red bell pepper (3 for 70 cents on clearance at Meijer today!) and zuchinni...

Plus a 1/4 Cup whole grain penne pasta, nutritional yeast and ground flax seed stirred in.

It was actually a pretty great meal for being completely tossed together at the last minute. :)

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