Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spagetti, Lime Quinoa and Sweet Potato Drink

Yesterday I finished The Scorch Trials.

It was the last paper book I had ordered from the library so now I'm free to start reading off my Kindle. :)

I went to the library to get the final book in the series (although a prequel is coming out in August) but guess what?  There's a wait for the e-book too!  However, when I first got the Kindle I downloaded a free book from Amazon called The Voynich Cypher.  Now all I have to do is get used to reading off the e-reader instead of paper. :)

As for the Scorch Trials...It continued Thomas and the Gladers' trials with WICKED, the post apocalyptic government group.  Instead of being contained in a maze, as in the previous book, they were charged with crossing a dry dessert like place to get to the "Safe Haven".  Of course there are challenges along the way. :)

I actually enjoyed this one more than the first but I"m still not super into it.  I'll continue to read the series, including the prequel when it comes out, but I'm not drawn to it like I was with the Hunger Games. :(

Anyway, on to the eats!

For breakfast I had Steel Cut Oats mixed with Passion Fruit Chobani and some flax seed.  It makes for a BIG bowl of breakfast but YUM!

 After breakfast I realized that I REALLY need to take the compost out!  That ceramic jar is my kitchen compost container and it's full so I started filling a Cuties box and now it's full.  Seriously, the composter is just outside the house.  Maybe 20 steps.  I finally go to it this morning.  I think I was just waiting for it to warm back up. lol!

For lunch I decided to cook up the last of the Soba Noodles from the package I opened when we had the Teriyaki Noodles.  There was one "serving" left but in my opinion one serving easily feeds two!

In the strainer I put our spinach (a cool idea I saw here) so that the boiling water would wilt it when I strained the noodles. :)

 I also nuked some broccoli and edamame and pulled out half a jar of Prego (well a full jar but I only used about half). :)

Once the noodles were drained I mixed everything together...

Kai's was topped with mozzarella and nutritional yeast, and mine with just nutritional yeast.

Dinner was a bit of a mess.  The Hubs is working long hours this week so I'm never sure when he'll get home or if I need to include him in our dinner plans.  On top of that we STILL don't have a pre-planned menu made up so I'm coming up with our meals on the fly.  I've been in a lime mood (hence the lime flavored Hummus the other day) so a lime flavored Quinoa sounded perfect.

I made a batch of Quinoa and added to it: lime juice, basil, nutritional yeast and kale.

It was REALLY limy.  I LOVED it.  Kai did not. lol!  She ended up with a jelly sandwich and I ate her quinoa (I expected this to happen so I made enough for me to eat.  Imagine double the size of the serving on the plate....)

Then for dessert a Sweet Potato smoothie.  1/2 a Seriously LARGE sweet potato (probably equal to 1 normal sweet potato), 1 frozen banana, Chia seeds and almond milk.  It was almost like a sweet potato casserole drink.  Delicious!

When evening came and Kai was in bed I was hungry again.  I really wanted some chips but we're out.  In fact we're about out of bread, eggs, cinnamon and maple syrup.  I'm going to have to be really creative in the next few days!  Anyway, for a late night crunchy snack I finished off the lime hummus with some baby carrots.  It was really good!  

But I still want some chips. lol!

...And as I typed that I remembered I have that fun little microwavable chip maker.  D'Oh!!

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