Monday, March 12, 2012

I bought a Kindle!

Happy Monday!  A brand new week. :)

Guess what I bought this weekend?  I bought myself a Kindle Touch!  I've been toying with the idea of getting one for months (literally MONTHS, I can be so indecisive when I'm spending $100 of my own money).  There is so much info out there about e-readers!!!  I finally decided on the Kindle over the Nook because I decided I liked the general feel of it, but more importantly, I figure Kindle will be around for a while.  The Barnes & Noble near us closed/moved recently and that made me a little nervous.  It may be silly, but that's my logic.

So anyway, after NOT winning the iPad 2 at our Alumni Pot 'O Gold Dinner (I had ticket -029 and the winning ticket was -019... So freakin' close!!) I finally bit the bullet and bought the Kindle, along with a waterproof pouch for it so I can safely read in pools/tubs this summer.  (Full credit to the Hubs for suggesting I get the pouch.  Brilliant Idea!!)  :D

Speaking of the Pot 'O Gold Dinner, guess who was on the winning trivia team?  That's right, I was!!!  Team Awesome was, clearly, aptly named. :)  Our team consisted of me, the Hubs, my dad, another Alumni, her Husband and her Cousin, who also happens to be an Alumni and brother to one of my classmate (I know, that was a little convoluted).  The additional guys to the group brought almost ALL the music knowledge.  If not for them we wouldn't have been even close.  The hubs and my dad were good at the Movie-Music trivia and I was actually ok with the Finish-the-lyric but other than that it was all them.  I'm also, apparently, the only one who didn't know that it's a bit of a miracle if a pop-female artist makes it past the age of 27!

So, late Sunday morning I got up, ordered my Kindle, and then the Hubs and I headed out to get breakfast before picking up Kai from Nana & Papa's house.  Since we drive through downtown Indy we stopped at Le Peep, a brunch restaurant.  We ate closer to 10:30 after accounting for DST.

I ordered the "Beach Comber"  which was potatoes topped with avocado, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, some cheese and 2 eggs and instead of toast I got a small fruit cup...

SO GOOD!!  I'll be attempting to make this at home soon!  Needless to say, I ate it all.  Very Quickly!  It was SERIOUSLY late for breakfast and I was STARVING!

Then the Hubs and I walked back to our car to discover this...

That would be a marathon running through the street!!  We saw the city putting out cones dividing the left & right lanes as we drove & parked, but I figured it had to do with the Big Ten Tourney Finals.  Turns out it was for the race!!!   The race that ran right past our parking spot! D'OH!!  After laughing about it, and calling Nana & Papa to let them know we'd be a while yet, we took a walk around the city.  At least it was nice and warm and actually made for a nice morning. :)  Eventually we headed back to the car and were able to pull out. 

Since breakfast was practically lunch, we skipped lunch.   I had a few finger fulls of Almond Butter and then I made the last of the pizza we got from Catholic Schools Week for dinner.

I topped it as usual:  
Both sides getting sauce, garlic, basil, oregano & olive oli.
The Hub's side getting: ground sausage (last time I made it I froze it into serving sizes so all I had to do was thaw it), Sweet Peppers and Mozzarella Cheese.
Kai & My side getting: Spinach, sweet pepper, onion & brussels sprouts, and nutritional yeast after it was cooked.

Here's a Tip:  To chop the onion & brussels sprouts easily just drop them into a food processor (my Ninja) and pulse 3 or 4 times.  Quick, easy and no tears. :)

The topped pizza went into and oven at 500 degrees and then when the cheese was nice and melty, I put on the Broiler on low to toast it.

Ready to cut & eat!

Oh how we love pizza! :)

...and Ice cream!!!

1/2 frozen banana, 2 frozen strawberries, a dollop of greek yogurt, chia seeds and some almond milk.


Tomorrow is the first day of Kai's Snack Week.  For tomorrow I'm taking in my "Raisins & Rabbits" idea.  I figure it is the most "normal" of the snacks and stores easily so if someone doesn't like one of the snacks later in the week they can have left overs.  See, I'm always thinking.

As for the rest of snack week here's my plan: 
Monday: Raisins & Rabits
Tuesday:  Rainbows (fruit kabobs)
Wed: Rings (apple & pineapple cored & sliced into rings, or maybe a "healthy doughnut" - we'll see)
Thursday: Shamrock Chips with an avocado dip and a cheese dip (why didn't I think of CHEESE as a gold dip - duh!)
Friday: the Leprechaun apple heads.

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