Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Irony and bad photos? That sounds interesting!

I downloaded my photos from yesterday and all I have to say is Sorry!  They're just awful!  I guess if you combine beautiful weather with a lazy day you get a dud of a blog post. lol!

On a totally different note, Do you want to know what's completely ironic?  How about FINALLY getting your Kindle in the mail (yes, it took a week to get here! WTH?) and the same day getting an e-mail from the library that the 5 books you had requested are ready to pick up.  FIVE books!  Holy cow!!  Usually they slowly stream in.  I've got to get those paper bad boys read so I can start downloading e-books. lol!  To be fair 3 of the books are crafty/cook books that I just browse rather than read. :)

Now, on to the sad photos...

Really, I am sorry!  I had no idea this is what I was going to show you.  In fact I even contemplated just skipping today!

Breakfast:  Kai and I both had a left over Strawberry Pie and a bowl of yogurt with bananas and cinnamon.

Lunch:  I had left over Baked Beans (I made a double batch on Sunday) with some spinach and nutritional yeast stirred in.

Dinner:  I had "nachos" which consisted of chips topped with corn, edamame, sweet peppers, spinach, nutritional yeast, salsa and avocado.  The Hubs had left over Pork Chops (from Sunday) made into sandwiches with a side of chips & cheese & salsa. :)

 Kai also had nachos...

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