Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcoming Spring with Eggplant Burgers

Yes, as predicted I finished Divergent last night.  And yes, it was a GREAT book.  The end was a little over the top but I was really into it.  If you like Hunger Games (and who doesn't?) I'm guessing you'll like Divergent.  After reading it I went on-line to see what the next book in the series is, and found out it's due to come out in May 2012.  WHAT??  I hate having to wait.  AND since it's a trilogy that means there will be at least another year of waiting after that.  Total Bummer!

So instead I requested the sequel to The Maze Runner from our Library.  I'm not nearly as excited about it but I hate not having something to read, or at least look forward to reading.

On to the eats...

First thing we did yesterday was eat breakfast. :)

For Kai, Multi-Grain Cheerios topped with flax seed, raisins, cinnamon and strawberries.

For me, Oatmeal topped a spoonful of Almond Butter, strawberries, pumpkin seeds and pomegranate.

Due to my numerous finger/spoonfuls of almond butter throughout the days my jar is nearly empty again.  I swear, it doesn't even last a week anymore.  AND that's WITH self-control.  If I gave in it would probably only last a day. :(

As the morning wore on I tried to read my book some more but once again I kept getting interrupted by real work.  Why can't we have busy weeks when I don't have anything going on.  I have a sneaky suspicion that now that I've finished my book today will be dead as a door nail! 

Anyway, while I read I finished off the bag of Tortilla Chips.  There wasn't much left, just the crumb pieces that are too small to dip...perfect for a mid morning snack binge!  :D

Lunch was one of our go-to meals:

1/4 C Quinoa and 1/2 C Water...

Plus some frozen broccoli and okra...

Some Kale (of course!)...

And once it was all simmered up I added a few Tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast...

Oh, and can't forget some avocado to top it all off...

There's a reason this is a go-to meal!  It's super quick (about 15 minutes start to finish) and chuck full of nutrition...and SUPER tasty. :)

After lunch we went on a walk and look what Kai found...

Hello Crocus!!
Seriously, I am SO ready for spring and this totally made my day!!!

Now that I think about it I should have shared the photo on Facebook.  Lord knows people in Indy needed a little cheering up.  With the outcry from Peyton Manning being released from the Colts you would think Irsay (the team owner) had actually killed someone!  I'm sorry to see him leave the Colts but I honestly think he should seems like the odds of him getting seriously hurt if he plays are high.  Why not just retire and start an amazing career in coaching?  But it's not my shoes he has to walk in. :)

While on our BEAUTIFUL walk I made the executive decision to switch some of our menu days around so that we would grill last night and have soup & grilled cheese when the weather cools down again.  That's right, there are brains behind this beauty!  ;)

For my "burgers" I pulled out an eggplant...

Sliced off about 5 1/4" 'patties' and put the rest the eggplant in a Green Bag back in the fridge...

Then I salted one side of the eggplant patty...

That's a lot of salt!!

After 20 or so minutes I rinsed them off and salted the other side.  Then I let them sit for another 20 minutes and rinsed again.  Then they got spritzed with Olive Oil on both sides. :)

And then the plate was handed off to the Hubs so he could grill them along with his real burger.  3-4 minutes per side and they were perfect!! :D

While the Hubs Grilled I prepped the toppings...

Doesn't that look Delicious!!!

On the bun I spread a bit of Sundried Tomato Hummus:
Chickpeas, Tahini, Sundried Tomatoes, Olive Oil & Basil...Lots of Basil. :)

Now that makes for a Happy Burger and a Happy Emily!!

For a side I roasted some quarted potatoes and zucchini at 400° and then topped them with salt & Parmesan Cheese

Unfortunately there was a bit of miscommunication when I set the plate on the table.  I had intended for us to share it all but in less than 10 seconds the Hubs had eaten ALL the potatoes!!!  His excuse was that he doesn't eat the zucchini?  Whatever!

Next time we won't be dining family style.  We'll be portioning it all onto our plates. :D

Part of what made the meal so good was that it was enjoyed OUTSIDE!!!

In case you noticed...Yes, Kai is in her "princess" dress again.
She's obsessed with wearing it and changes into it
almost everyday when she gets home from school! 

And what better dessert for an meal of grilled burgers, potatoes, zucchini, all enjoyed outside?


Oh yeah, just about the perfect Spring/Summer meal.  If only the weather would stay this nice! :)

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