Friday, March 2, 2012

Nothing Flashy Going On Here

After the fun of a Green Eggs & Fish Toast breakfast, yesterday's eats seem down right dull!  But they weren't dull, they were actually really tasty.  They just weren't flashy.  They were practical and composed.  The kind of food you'd take home to meet your parents....  Ok, this is going to a weird place now.

I had a nuked sweet potato topped with some nutritional yeast, ground flax seed and the very last of the hummus. :(

Kai had a jelly sandwich (with the normal flax, chia and nutritional yeast toppings) and a side of the last of the apple sauce, with cinnamon.

My parents joined me in picking Kai up from school and then the four of us headed to the airport to drop them off for a FCRV (camping club) meeting (My mom is part of the Disaster Awareness Training program).  Do they see the iorny in flying to, and staying in a hotel, for a meeting for a CAMPING club?  lol!  But it's down in Florida so driving there for a weekend is a little extreme.

So what's the one thing you don't want to see when your driving to the airport?

How about a train?  A train that then just stops and starts backing up a bit?  A train where the Engineer gets out and starts looking at the track?  

It really only took about 5 minutes.  I think he was making sure the train was on the right 'switch'.  Is that the right word?  I don't know...Just about all my train knowledge comes from the end of Back To the Future 3.  ie.  if your Delorean gets hit by a train even Doc won't be able to fix it. :)

And since the folks were going to be out of town they gave me their Brussels Sprouts and Spinach so they wouldn't go bad (I think the brussels would have been OK but who wants to take that chance, lol!)

Lunch became a "clean out the fridge" meal.  There was an eggplant that I had intended to use to make a Veggie Casserole with but that never happened. :(

So into a hot pan went the chopped eggplant and some spouts.

Then I added some onion, tamari (soy sauce) and liquid smoke.

Once it was all cooked up I piled it on a bed of spinach and topped it with some more tamari, some avocados and tomatoes.  YUM!!

Well, YUM to me.  Kai wasn't giving it a chance.  She ate all her tomatoes and avocado and left the rest having not even tried it.  :(

We also split a cup of Yogurt.

And rounded things out with an "ice cream" dessert.  Frozen banana, Frozen Blackberries, the last of my parent's spinach, Chia seeds and almond milk.

Kai enjoyed hers in a cone. 

I had mine in a bowl (way more fits in a bowl than in a cone)


I've been craving Tomato Soup for a while so last night I gave in. :D

I sauteed an onion, added a can of drained diced tomatoes, some veggie broth, white beans, the left over eggplant saute from lunch and some oregano.  Then I used the immersion blender to smooth it out and added some Orzo.

And I served it up with a side of Kale Chips.


The Hubs has been wanting wings so he made himself a batch (I can't stand the smell of Buffalo Sauce...never have and don't think I ever will.  I know it's gross but it has a vomity smell to it.  YUCK)

They were SO MESSY!!!  I tried to get a picture of him eating them but he caught me and turned away. lol! 

Then in the evening, after Kai went to bed, we sat down and picked "Season of the Witch" to watch off of Netfilx.  I'm not a Nicolas Cage fan AT ALL but I wanted to give the movie a chance.  It was a silly movie.  I don't know that I'd watch it again but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  While watching the movie I made up a batch of popcorn to enjoy.  The popcorn was easily better than the movie. :)

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