Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snack Week Ideas including shamrock chips

Next week is our turn to take snacks into school again!!

The class theme will be the letter "R" in Rainbows & Rain.   Also, there will be some St. Patrick's Day activities.  So my idea is to "theme" the snacks. :)

Here are my ideas so far:

Raisins & Rabbits:  a mix of Raisins & Annie's Cheddar Bunnies.

Rainbow Kabobs like we had at her 4th Birthday Party:

My thought is to use small clear plastic cups, coconut whip for the clouds and buy Vegan Jello & maybe blue food coloring but I'm still not sure about it.  I personally find gelatin gross but vegan substitutes can be expensive.  Plus I'm not big on food coloring.  So this one is still a little iffy. ;)

Shamrock Tortilla Chips & Dip:
I tested this out today (see below) and they worked great!  For their snack I'd use spinach tortillas so they'd be green (I'm out of spinach right now so I subbed multi-grain).  Then for the dips I'm thinking an Avocado green dip and a yogurt based white dip.  I'd love to come up with something golden but so far I've only thought of corn and I don't know how well a corn dip would work for a toddler snack. lol!
Any ideas for a good dip???

And finally Green Apple Leprechaun Heads, a modified apple monster. :)
Like a modified version of that guy. Again, I think this could be really great but I don't want him to look like a frog.  I think a hat would help but I'm not sure what I'd use to make the hat.  :)

So what do you guys think?  Any better/different ideas for healthy snacks that start with the letter "R" or that relate to St. Patricks Day???

As promised I'll show you the Super Pink Pancakes we made yesterday morning...

Into the Ninja went:  1/3 Cup Oats, 1/3 Cup Cottage Cheese, 1 T Flax Seed, 1/4 t Baking Powder, 1 t Baking Soda, Pinch of Salt and 1/2 a roasted beet...

Once that was well blended I added an egg and a splash of Almond Milk and pulsed it to incorporate them.

Wow, that's Beet Red PINK !!

Then I poured it onto the griddle and cooked first one side... 

Then the other...

They lost some of their pinkness on the cooked surface but the insides were still nice and rosy.  We wound up topping them with chia seeds, yogurt, pears and a small drizzle of agave nectar.

When I cut Kai's up into bite size pieces you could REALLY see the pink.  I should have taken a picture of the cut up cakes but I think telling Kai to "wait while I take a picture" would have been pushing her a little too far! :)

Lunch was a free for all...That seems to be happening a lot lately!

Kai had a bowl of Apple Sauce with cinnamon, a jelly+ sandwich, and 1/2 a sweet potato with hummus.

I had the last of our spinach, a beet, 1/2 a sweet potato, 1/2 a tomato, pumpkin seeds and hummus.  (basically a "clean out the fridge salad, lol!).

Around 2:30-3 we broke out the popcorn for a snack!  Popcorn, Raisins, Sunflower Seeds & Nutritional Yeast.  Seriously, this may be my favorite snack!!!  The only thing that stops me from eating it is an empty bowl. :P

Kai and I had a late dinner a little after 6.  The Hubs went to see the John Carter (?) movie which I had NO interest in.  I'm feeling much more comfortable at home again (unlike last week when I sat through Project X) so I had no problem being here alone-ish.

Anyway, I wanted to try out my mom's shamrock cookie cutter on some tortillas (I have 100 cookie cutters and no shamrocks!  WTH?)

So I took 1 Multi-Grain Tortilla and cut out a bunch of shamrocks/clovers.

I went ahead and threw the scraps on the pan too.  It bugs me to waist food. :)

Then I sprayed both sides with Olive Oil and put them in the pre-heated oven at 350° for 8 minutes.

Out they came...Nice and crispy!

Those chips became the bed of our dinner. :)

On top went nuked-from-frozen corn & edamame, chopped tomato, Kale chips with nutritional yeast and a hefty dollop of yogurt.

And for dessert... Banana-Strawberry-Peach Soft Serve (shocker!)

A frozen Banana, 4 Frozen Strawberries and about 1/4 C frozen peaches, along with 1 T Chia Sees and a splash of almond milk...

Blended into an "ice cream"...

And served in a bowl...

When Kai saw the bowl she said, "Silly Mommy, I wanted MINE in a cone."  I told her next time and she was ok with that.  Something about hearing her call me "Silly Mommy" cracked me up though. :)

Now don't forget, if you have any good snack ideas let me know!! :D


  1. Your ideas are so great and I love them all! Hmm … a healthy golden dip. That's a tough one. Cheese? Not too horrible for you, but golden.

    As for R snacks, how about Red? Raspberries? Reindeer? Rings? Keep us posted. :D

    1. Ooh, I really like the ring idea...There's gotta' be something I can do with that!!! :D

  2. What awesome eats! I want some of those pink pancakes right now! :D

  3. I was at the store today and I saw something green that would be perfect for you but now that I'm home I have forgotten what it was...failed :(