Friday, March 9, 2012

Fancy Grilled Cheese & Lentil Soup

Good morning!  How's your day going so far?  I've already started a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and picked up around the house!  Oh, and for breakfast I made some shockingly pink pancakes...but that's for tomorrow's post.  Yep, I'm on fire this morning!! :)

Now on to yesterday's events:

Breakfast for Kai was Multi-Grain Cheerios topped with strawberries, raisins, yogurt and cinnamon.

But I wanted a smoothie:  Oatmeal, Kale, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Cinnamon, Frozen Banana, Frozen apples and Almond milk....

Hello Beautiful!

After breakfast I finished up a batch of yogurt.

By straining it through a cheese cloth until it thickened up.  Now we're all set for yogurt again.  :)

I promised Kai we'd go to The Children's Museum so rather than coming home after school I packed us a lunch and then went straight to the museum. :)

For lunch I toasted us each a slice of Ezekiel Sprouted Bread....

And made Kai her standard Jelly, Chia, Flax & Nutritional Yeast Sandwich; while I made a Hummus, Spinach, Tomato, Red Onion, Flax & Nutritional Yeast one for myself.

For a side I put carrots, mushrooms and sweet peppers in plastic-ware along with a scoop of more hummus.

Oh, and an apple for dessert. :)

We ate the sandwiches & veggies before going in and saved the apples for afterward. :)

Then we headed into the museum.  Our first stop... BARBIE!

We'll definitely need unlimited minutes when she gets a phone!

I told her to smile and she struck this pose!
My Little Diva. :)

Did some hair...
I could really use one of these at home.
I'm usually her hair model and she's not always gentle. :)

She never wants to walk the runway...
She wants to work the cameras!
 After Barbie we headed over to Egypt...

A quick trip on the plane to get us there. :)
Kai makes me up a smoothie in the Coffee Shop.

And brings me some more fruit.
 And no trip to the museum is complete without a ride on the Carousel!

After that we headed to the newest exhibit (at least until the Lego one re-opens tomorrow)...Mr. Potato Head.  I didn't take any pictures in there because we were way too busy playing.  This may be one of my favorite exhibits yet.  There were so many little stations including a "cave/slide" that you reach into holes and there are different textures inside, a yellow submarine, a camera so they're on TV and, of course, a Mr. Potato Head area.  It was awesome. :)

For dinner I finally made the Soup and Grilled Cheese, but I really wanted to fancy up the grilled cheese...

I preheated the oven to 500°, made up a quarter batch of the french bread dough, and rolled it out into a rectangle.

Then instead of rolling it into a log shape, I made diagonal slices about 2" from the sides and laid cheese down the center (Nutritional Yeast, American Cheese & shredded Cheddar)...

Then I weaved the slices back and forth over the cheese.

And baked it for about 10 minutes.

Even the Hubs liked it!!  In fact, he requested that next time we put some chicken and peppers in it too. lol!

As for the soup, I rediscovered our love for lentil soup.  Kai and I used to eat it all the time and then I just, sort of, stopped making it - not for any particular reason.  So last night I was trying to think of what soup to make and remembered the lentil soup. 

It's pretty straight forward....

I saute an onion, celery, and chopped baby carrots.
Then I add Veggie Broth, Lentils and Chopped Kale, bring it to a boil, and then turn the heat down and let it simmer about 25 minutes until the lentils are soft.

Even Kai ate all of hers and told me, "Mommy, I love this soup!"

I HAVE to add it back into the rotation. :)

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