Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dessert First

Lunch today started with dessert.  Kai wanted strawberry ice cream and nothing else!  So rather than fight it we just whipped some up.  Sometime you HAVE to give into your cravings. :)

Banana Soft-Serve
frozen bananas
add-ins of choice

Toss it all together & blend until smooth.
That's it.  Soft-serve in minutes. :D

Strawberry Spinach Soft Serve (with chia seeds thrown in for good measure)


Caught a Taste Test!

But what is a Yin without a Yang?  What is Dark without the Light?
What is Dessert without a meal?

So we had to have a meal...

And it had to be Kid-helper friendly.  After all, she already had her apron on. :)

Oh, and it had to be quick so the ice cream didn't melt.

Tuna Salad it was!  All you do is drain, mix & serve.  Perfect! 

Tuna Salad
1 can of Tuna - drained
approx 2 T Greek Yogurt
small squirt of Dijon Mustard
1/4 Avocado

Mix it all together and serve in your favorite manner.

mix, mix, mix

Kai's Plate:  Carrots & Ice Cream + tuna salad, tomatoes, humus

My Bowl:  Spinach, Tuna Salad, tomatoes, carrots & sprouts + Ice Cream
While enjoying lunch the mail arrived.  In it was the zoo magazine we get for being members.  After seeing a poster of the new baby elephant we decided a quick trip to the zoo was in order.  I threw a drink in my purse for Kai (I can't afford to keep buying her drinks at the zoo.  A girl could go broke doing that!) and we were off to visit the new baby elephant.  But first we saw...

Just in time for Seal/Sea Lion Chat.

Nice day for laying out in the sun.

Anyone seen Pumbaa?

No snake can catch my girl!

Graffias gotta eat too.

Baby needs a drink! lol!

I took a pic of the Rhinos but the big draw here is the bouncy bridge to get to the rhinos. :)

Kai raced a Cheeta (see her behind the grass?)

It's easy to win when your competition's asleep.

For some reason this bird kept giving us the stink eye

Small enough to be considered the "baby". :D

Are you achin', for some bacon?  You can be a big pig too! 

Got to pet the Kangal

And for the next 30 minutes we pet the sharks!  This is easily Kai's favorite activity at the zoo.

Dinner was Quinoa Burgers from Veggie Burgers Every Which Way but I added shredded carrots and curry powder to it. :)

It's basically a mix of quinoa, white & green onion, flour, egg (I used flax seed + water), carrots, garlic & curry powder pattied up and baked.

Black Bean & Corn Salsa mixed with Tomato Salsa & chips
Yogurt with strawberries, California mix veggies & Quinoa Burger.
After dinner we all went on a walk. 

Can you tell we're enjoying the cooler weather? 

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