Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 Fun Facts

It's been a busy few days...

1.  I did the grocery shopping yesterday by myself and I learned that there's still no almond butter because of the recall and the Hubs does NOT like Cocobutter scented body wash - he'd prefer a "manly" scent like Old Spice, or Woods, or Trash.  Trash scented soap...maybe misses the point.

2.  I've started getting stuff figured out for Kai's birthday in less than two weeks.  One of the items will be glitter tattoos.  More glitter... the Hub's is so excited!  But we're princesses and princesses sparkle. :)

3.  I'm still completely obsessed with the easy black bean soup.  I even made it for work on Tuesday.  This time I added some Spinach to the mix and after it was blended mixed in some corn and okra.  If you want to make sure your co-workers won't steal your food then this is DEFINITELY the meal to make.  It looked the most awful shade of green-black, but it tasted GREAT! :)

I took it in a Bell Jar so I could just nuke it in the glass jar and then topped it with a bit of salsa.

4.  Yesterday I officially started the C25K program at the Gym.  It took me a bit to figure out the treadmill but I did complete Day 1.  It wasn't easy which makes me nervous.  If day one is hard I'm afraid of what's in store for me.  lol!
5.  In the evening I joined my sister for a weights work out.  I'm weak... for now. ;)

6.  For dinner last night the Hubs ordered a pizza.  I ate an ENTIRE medium veggie pizza (no olives, no cheese, extra sauce).  The. Entire. Pizza.  Plus a big bowl of salad.  I guess I was hungry!!

7.  We've started watching new TV - REVENGE is back!!  One of the shows we watched is 666 Park Ave.  My friend told me it wasn't scary.  She lied.  There was a ghost woman who did that weird sudden pop-up moving thing.  I don't like that.  At all.  It puts me in the state of mind where I want to look to make sure nothing's behind me but at the same time I don't want to look because...what if something's behind me?!  After watching it I watched New Girl, which made me laugh.  The Hubs did not find 666 scary or New Girl funny.  He's a hard audience.
Scary ghost moment is about to happen...
8.  I still have a TON of apples and no inspiration for what to do with them...Any Ideas?

9.  Next week I'm the snack mom at school so I've started coming up with ideas.  So far here's what I'm thinking...  Veggie Shots with humus & veggies (see pic), Yogurt Parfaits, muffins, PB, Apple & Granola Sandwich, Fruit Kabobs

borrowed pic from
10. We signed the paperwork to have the basement waterproofed.  It was $$$ but it needed to be done.  Before they start we have to remove or cover everything down there.  I see a lot of trips to Goodwill in our future!

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