Monday, October 22, 2012

Tomato Quinoa Soup & Weekend Fun

BOO!  Is anyone else ready for a week of Halloween Fun?  I know we are.  The only hard part is that the basement waterproofing starts on Wed so for the next week the focus will be on that and not on the fun of Halloween. :(

This weekend we did take a break from the basement prep, and drove down to Brown County for some fun fall shopping.  I love walking around and looking at all the stuff in the little shops.  Even Kai was having fun checking out all the Halloween & Christmas items.  :)

As lunch rolled around we stopped into Harvest Moon Pizzeria... And sitting right outside was Rupert... from Survivor!  He's running for Governor and was out on the campaign trail.  I would have taken a picture but I didn't want to be obvious about it. lol!

While we were waiting for our pizza we had some fun with the camera...

THEN the pizza came... I had a personal veggie, no cheese, extra sauce.  The Hubs got a small Supreme-ish and there was an order of bread sticks involved.  Kai ate ONE piece of the Hubs pizza VERY, VERY Slowly.  Plus she had most of a bread stick and a few bites of my pizza.  But seriously, she was eating SO SLOWLY.  The Hubs and I totally get why she tells us that she "ran out of time to eat her lunch" at school.  lol!

After lunch we did some more shopping.  Kai found an over sized stuffed deer that she wanted to pose with.  OK, what she really wanted was to BUY it but gave in to just posing with it once I made it very clear that we were NOT buying an over sized deer. :)

After some more shopping we stopped for Ice Cream - the Hubs and I both getting Pumpkin and Kai getting Strawberry.  Neither Kai nor I finished our scoop (we're light weights when it comes to real ice cream) and I'm proud to say I did not get sick.  I always worry how I'm going to do with real ice cream but when you're on Vacation (even if it is just a few hours) you sometimes have to give in and live on the edge. lol!

Sunday I got up and saw on Facebook that a lot of pumpkin carving happened the night before.  Kai and I decided to get in on the fun while the Hubs worked on the basement (we're so close to being done prepping now - I'm ready for it to be over).

Kai started by coloring her little pumpkin.

Then I cut the top off the big one (she's just posing here - I did not let the five year old cut with a real knife)

Then it was time for removing the guts.  This was always one of my favorite parts, but it's not one of Kai's!

She reached in and pulled out 2 seeds, then asked for a napkin to clean up.

I tried to show her how it's done...

She compromised by trying to reach in with a napkin to pull the guts out 'cleanly'.  It didn't work and I wound up de-gutting the rest of the pumpkin. :)

Then I got to carving...

So much FUN! lol!

While I did that Kai went out and planted a few seeds.  I have no idea where she actually planted them and it is Fall but it's entirely possible that we'll have a pumpkin patch in the middle of the yard next year.  :D

I, on the other han,d roasted the pumpkin seeds following Angela's method.

1. Simmer CLEAN seeds for 10 minutes in salt water.

2. Spread on a cookie sheet and pat dry with a cloth towel.

3. Roast for 20 minutes at 325, stirring after 10 minutes.

For lunch I made us a:
Tomato Quinoa Soup

Sauteed Onion + 1 Can Diced Tomatoes:

Simmered until soft and then smoothed with the immersion blender.

Stirred in some Quinoa and simmered some more with the lid on until the quinoa was cooked (when cooked it gets a ring around it - like Saturn).

Kai and I enjoyed our soup with a dollop of Greek Yogurt, a pinch of Chia Seeds, and some Avocado :)

Then we rounded lunch out with some popcorn, Annie's Cheddar Snack Mix and Raisins...

Which we enjoyed while some of watched the Colt's game and some of us acted silly!

 ...and some of us just rested under a blanket!

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