Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Corn Maze & Soups

On Sunday my five year old and I, along with my sister, her husband, my nieces and my dad, went to Exploration Acres, a Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch.

When we first got there we encountered the play area!

Which included a hay tunnel.

Teeter-Totters and a sand area.

Tractor Rings.

Pony Rides!!! (these cost extra)

And a Massive Hay Pile to play in.

There were actually quite a few other activity centers that we didn't spend a lot of time at...pumpkin racing, water pump duck races, etc...

Once the play area was fully tested we headed over to the Wagon Ride that took us over to the Corn Maze.

As we walked toward the Maze Hub...

Kai helped her cousin see the higher up ears of corn. :)

And then we got to the center/hub and had to decide which maze to take.

Kai pondered in the crazy strong wind for a while. :)

There are 5 mazes and we wound up competing two of them, the Treasure Map and the Mermaid.

Sometimes the girls lead the way...

But after walking in a few circles (they tend to only turn right) Jeremy took some time go over the map with them.

And then took the lead!  lol!!

It's safe to say we had a blast!

Now since this is technically a food blog, here's a snap shot of our dinner last night. :)

Kai and I had:
Sauteed Onion...

 Plus a can of tomatoes with MILD Chilis and a can of Diced Tomatoes

Plus frozen corn and frozen okra

Plus sweet pepper, lentils and brown rice and some veggie broth to increase the liquid (the rice & lentils need something to soak up!)

The Hubs had:
Browned ground beef & onions

 Plus diced tomatoes and medium chili and tomato sauce.

And BOTH pots got some spices - Crushed Red Pepper and Chili Powder, then simmered with the lids on for quite a while.

My colorful dinner...

The Hub's chili...

The Hub's topped his bowl with some macaroni, cheese and oyster crackers.
Kai had some of the colorful stew with macaroni, greek yogurt, avocado and nutritional yeast.
I had my bowl with greek yogurt, avocado and nutritional yeast. 

We all agreed our bowls were delicious! :D

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  1. We love Exploration Acres, too! And you were within a couple miles of my house. Great post! :D