Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Egg Bake

So basically any dish can be made into a "Halloween" dish by simply adding a bit of pumpkin decor. :)

BUT before we get into yesterday's Halloween meal I thought you'd like to know the basement is finished!
Drain Pipe + Gravel...

& a sump pump

All covered in concrete.
 OK, so the BASEMENT's not finished but the waterproofing is.  I know, it's just SO exciting...not.  Ugh, sometimes being a grown-up is so lame.  But now it's done and we can start/finish putting the basement back together. :)

Another thing to share before we get to the Halloween meal was a snack from yesterday.  A Granny Smith Apple with a PB Dip.  To make the dip I just mashed Natural PB (Peanuts as the only ingredient) with some Almond Milk.  Doing that makes the PB go a LOT further.  Plus, if you're so inclined, you can add cocoa powder to it and make it a REALLY great snack. :)

OK the Halloween Meal!

Halloween Quinoa Omelet Bake 
makes 1 ramekin dish (double to make 2, triple to make 3, etc...)

1 1/2 T Quinoa (uncooked)
1 Egg
2 T Almond Milk
Favorite Veggies & Spices

My little Pirate helped me make this one (our costumes change by the hour around here!) 

Start by Pre-heating your oven (or toaster oven) to 350.

In each ramekin put 1.5 T Quinoa
In a bowl whisk your egg, 2 T Almond Milk and your favorite diced veggies & spices

Kai's Bowl (Green): sweet pepper, THINLY sliced potato, frozen broccoli
My Bowl (Blue): onion, sweet pepper, THINLY sliced potato, frozen broccoli

Pour your egg/veggie mix over the quinoa and GENTLY shake it so that everything settles (remember, this is a meal, not a Polaroid picture).

Set on a cookie sheet (especially if you tend to over fill yours, like I do) and put in the oven for 40-60 minutes.  If your using any frozen foods it will obviously take longer than if you don't.   It's done when the egg is set. :)
Mine spilled over - that's the reason for the cookie sheet. :)
 When it's about done cooking you're going to dress it up...for Halloween!!

Take a spare Ramekin and use it as a cookie cutter on a slice of American Cheese.

Use a knife to cut out a Jack-O-lantern face and then smoosh on a stem. :)

Top your dish and put it back in under the broiler for a few minutes.  Watch it though - cheese can go from melty to crazy-burnt-ash pretty quickly... not that I'd know. 

And there you have it... A scary face to eat.  The picture doesn't do it justice though.  It still had more of it's pumpkin look in person. Here it looks like a melted old crone...which I guess is scary in its own right. :)

And mine, sans-cheese...

Kai absolutely LOVED these!  In fact she asked that next time we have snack duty I make them. lol!

The quinoa forms a nice crust at the bottom and they are really veggie packed and filling. :)

As for the Hubs.  He had found a soup he wanted on-line so I made him that.  It had to simmer for 40 minutes which is what lead me to make a dish for Kai and I that had to cook for 40 minutes. :)

His soup was just Chicken boiled in water until cooked.  Remove the chicken to cool and add a bullion cube & some chopped potato.  Let cook until the potatoes are soft.  I used the immersion blender to mash SOME, not all, of the potato (It gives the broth a more hearty texture).  Then I added about 1 1/2 Cups frozen corn kernels and a can of diced tomatoes with chili, and added the chicken back in - pulled into bite size chunks (yikes, doesn't that sound appetizing?).  Plus a little salt, pepper and a packet of truvia (I wasn't about to dig around looking for white sugar), I added the lid and let that bad boy simmer.

And there it is, with his can of Diet Mtn Dew. :)

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