Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Popcorn Trailmix

Day three of Snack Week is....

Popcorn trail mix:  Plain Popcorn, Raisins and Homemade Apple Chips with a sprinkling of Cinnamon.  The perfect fall trail mix. :)

I actually made the apple chips over the weekend.  I used the slicing blade on the food processor to cut the 'chips' and then laid them in the dehydrator.  A few hours later I had yummy chips... with NO additives. :)

Breakfast yesterday was granola cereal with almond milk, raisins, banana and strawberries - YUMMO!

Lunch and dinner were both quick meals because I was focused on getting my kitchen cleaned up... Like DEEP cleaned.  I even cleaned the ceiling!!  When I want quick, I use frozen veggies...

Lunch was a quick soup of onion, frozen broccoli, frozen carrots, frozen peas and Quinoa; all cooked up to a delicious lunch. :D

Dinner was a quick stir-fry:

Onion, Some Italian Style Veggie Blend, Edemame, ginger spice, tamari, honey and olive oil.

That cooked up with some brown rice made a tasty dinner.

And two plates later I was full!

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