Saturday, October 13, 2012

School Lunch Wrap Up Wk9

Here's this weeks lunch wrap up.  Click below to see the previous weeks.

MONDAY:  Left over apple crisp and spaghetti squash with pasta sauce and parmesan cheese.
- She ate the crisp, the cheese topping and some of the sauce but told me she doesn't like the "spaghetti". :)

TUESDAY:  Cream cheese and strawberries, PB Hummus Dip with some butterscotch chips, and sweet peppers..
- She ate everything except for a bit of the dip - which she finished at home.

WEDNESDAY: Oatmeal: 1/3C Oats, 1/3C Almond Milk, 1/3C Water, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Cinnaomon, Pumpkin & Apple Butter - Topped with some raisins.  Plus an unpictured side of strawberries.
- She ate it all. :)

THURSDAY:  Macaroni with broccoli, nutritional yeast and cheddar cheese; with a side of apple sauce & cinnamon.
- She ate it all again. :)

FRIDAY:  Left over Cous-Cous/Quinoa with broccoli & okra and a side of fruit leather.
- She ate maybe half the cous-cous dish and all the fruit leather.

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