Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Egg Waffles

This post is going to be quick.  I've got to get busy today!  The basement waterproofing is happening next week so we have to have the basement empty before then.  I have yet to start.  Yikes!!

So my goal today is to move all Kai's toys upstairs (her "playroom" is downstairs) and get it organized in a way that's livable.  Plus I need to go to the library BEFORE I pick Kai up from school today.

These both seem like reasonable tasks but I don't have high hopes for either of them getting competed. But I know that if you believe you will fail, you probably will; so I Believe I Will Get Everything Done. :)

Breakfast lastly has been boring.  It's been good... cereals, oatmeals, scrambled eggs; but not much fun.  And as Marry Poppins said, "In every job that must be donethere is an element of fun".  It was time to find the fun again.   BUT a quick fun.  We have school to get to and we haven't been waking up early. lol!

So I pulled out the waffle iron and plugged it in.

In a bowl I whisked 2 eggs, a splash of almond milk, and some nutritional yeast.

When the iron was hot I sprayed it with Olive Oil.

And poured in the eggs.  They should just barely fill the bottom - maybe you even still see some of the iron! (2 eggs is perfect for mine)

As the eggs cook they expand.... 

Once they're cooked through open it up.  If it doesn't want to open then you're not done yet. 
(My first waffle is always a mess - whether I'm using batter or just eggs. So don't fear if the first try is lacking.)
Second Waffle
 Once done you can top it with what ever you'd like... I used salsa, Avocado and a spoonful of yogurt.

Kai ate hers plain, with a side of yogurt and granola, and we split an apple. 

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