Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Review

It's been a weekend of P-A-R-T-Y-I-N-G!

We started the weekend on Friday with Kai's school Walk-a-thon!  I'd been helping out all week and spent most of the day on Thursday at the school handing out shirts to the kids who had earned them.  Then Friday was THE DAY!  The walk-a-thon started off with a pep rally where teachers entertained the students with a game of Would-You-Rather... After a Brain (triva) or Brawn (dodge ball) head-to-head challenge between 2 teaches, chosen by students, the losing teacher would play Would-You-Rather.  For example, a teacher would have to decide if they'd rather go to Vermont or Louisiana.  If they picked Louisiana they'd have to drink Maple Syrup.  If they picked Louisiana they'd have to eat marshmallows dipped in hot sauce.  There was bacon flavored toothpaste and a tray full of flour involved...and there was a lot of laughing. :)

After the pep rally we headed out for the walk.  It was so much fun hanging out with Kai and some of her friends!  Definitely smoother than last year when she wanted to be carried the entire time. :)

On Saturday Kai got to go out shopping with her Aunt Beth (mother of twin boys)!  They were having a girl's day in honor of Kai's birthday that's coming up.  They went out for lunch and then Kai came home with a new sparkly dress, silver sparkly shoes and a sparkly pink purse.  Both the shoes and dress are full of glitter - The Hub's couldn't be happier, lol!

Then Saturday evening we headed to our church to celebrate the Feast of St. Michael.  After mass was a pitch-in along with a bounce obstacle course...


and a bounce house...

For our pitch-in I brought a Hot Vegetable.  I just roasted some peeled & seeded Butternut Squash, Red Onion and Corn Kernels at 425 degrees.   I'd love to tell you how it tasted (I'd imagine it was delicious) but by the time we got in line to eat it was gone. The perils of having a kid who saw the bounce houses before the food. :)

Then Sunday we went to the Apple Orchard with some friends - Anderson Apple Orchard to be exact. :)

We picked a 1/2 Bushel of Apples - Granny Smith and Cameos.  We were looking for Fujis but they were all picked. :(

After buying the apples we headed over to the "pumpkin patch" where we picked a big pumpkin...

and a small one...

And I got a Pie Pumpkin for cooking with. :)

 The orchard also had a play ground that the girls just loved!

And finally we enjoyed some treats!

My friend recommended the Cider Slushy and OMG! It was AMAZING!!  I finished my small and then finished the Hub's large.  I can't say how much I loved the cider.  In fact the Hub's was told to buy a gallon of it. lol!

We also got a bowl of apple cobbler to split between the 3 of us.  I only had a spoonful but it was good.

 After that the day was spent lazily watching football.  I'm playing the Hubs this week in our Fantasy Football League.  Going into this week I'm 0-3 (yikes!) but unless something CRAZY happens tonight I should completely crush him.  Ah, to finally have a win. :)

And then I decided I had to recreate that Apple Cider Slushy. :D

I started with a blender full of ice.

Which I crushed until it was snow.  <----  This is the key to a slushy - crush the ice by itself first.
Before adding cider I dumped out some of this ice.

Then I got out the cider...

Poured some into the "snow"...
 And blended again.

Pour and drink!

Now I have a crock pot of apples turning into apple sauce / apple butter.  I just LOVE Fall!!!


  1. Are you SURE it was an obstetrical course, Emily? Sounds like something I took in med school! The auto correction gremlin got to you, I think!