Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Missing Weekend

Well, another weekend has come and gone, and I didn't blog.  But this time I have an even better excuse.  I was visiting my sister in Michigan. :D

Our girls are about the same age so visits are always a lot of fun.  So here's a quick recap:

First thing we did when we got there on Friday was to hit the beach!

Testing the waters

Daddy takes Kai into the water

My Sister and I try to get a shot of us jumping in the water.
We just don't have that kind of timing!

The girls get buried in the sand.

Kai and I start warming back up!

We played some MI Lake Football


Saturday was a "hang-out" day.  We lounged around the house and walked to the nearby playground.   For breakfast I made myself oats.  Then we snacked on fresh fruit all day. :)

For lunch my sister made this...

Baked Tilapia on a bed of spinach with a tomato, mushroom & Onion satue on top
& sweet potato / white potato fries.

And Dinner was...

Now that's a spread!!

Turkey Burgers with tomato, onion & lettuce toppings
Roasted onion & garlic Chickpeas
Kale Chips
Fresh Corn on the Cob

We toyed with the idea of going out but between having 3 kids under the age of 4 with us and the cost of actually dining out we all agreed that staying in with fresh fruit & veggies was preferable. :D

After the girls went to sleep we broke out Mario Party!  It's been a while since any of use played...and it showed.  At the end of the day I didn't come in last - that's all I can ask for. lol!!  Then my sister broke out her Mario DDR.  If you ever want to feel like a fool, you should definitely play this.  At one point I was informed that I was no longer "dancing" on the mat.  lol!!

SUNDAYOn Saturday we pre-planned to go to the zoo on Sunday.  It was a good idea because even with knowing what we were going to do we didn't get out of the house until lunch time!  What can I say, it was a vacation and we're slow moving.  :)

Rather than eating at the zoo, where we feared every think would be deep fried and $$$, we stopped at Q'doba.   I got a Naked (scandalous) Grilled Veggie Burrito.  It was good - I'd get it again.

Then we were finally off to the zoo...

The otter was hamming it up!!

The girls show the flamingos how it's done.

I guess this flamingo wasn't impressed

A Camel ride was BIG hit with the girls

Kai and I stopped to pet some Sting Rays.
I expected them to be like the sharks at the Indy Zoo but they were
'slimier' and a lot softer.  Plus they swam in packs.  It was very cool.

Fed some birds.

Pet a goat.

Watched some Wallabies

A Wallaby watched us

Finished things up with a Swan Ride. :)

Dinner Sunday was BW3's take out for most.  They don't really have anything I like so while the others ordered wings I threw half a can of rinsed black beans, spinach, onion, a chia egg (1/2t Chia + 1 1/2t water), and some bread crumbs into a food processor.  Then I pan fried them on both sides and put them in the oven until the wings arrived.   Yum!!

Monday we headed back home. :(

We stopped for lunch on the road at Panara Bread.  I had the choose 2 with Tomato Soup & the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich.  And we snacked like we'd never eat again while in the car...

Grapes, pears, plums, apples, & some kind of cheese cracker that reminded the Hubs of his childhood (there were so many mystery ingredients that I choose not to partake, lol!)

When we got home I was craving chili.  It feels just like fall here!

I modified my chili recipe by using kidney beans and simmering it for an hour since I didn't have any Wheat Berries made up already.  It was EXACTLY what I wanted.

Sauteing onion, spinach and okra

Added beans, wheat berries, tomatoes & spices & let simmer

Topped with some greek yogurt
& a side of yogurt, pumpkin, a drizzle of maple syrup and some pumpkin seeds.

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