Monday, September 19, 2011

Ultimate Fall Oatmeal!!

Yesterday I treated myself to the ultimate fall oatmeal breakfast.  Seriously, the only way to make this more fall-like would be to enjoy it sitting on a hay bail in the middle of a leaf pile in front of a bonfire...but that kinda sounds like a fire hazard so you may want to just stay inside and eat at a table.  :)

1/4 C rolled oats
1/4 C almond milk
1/4 C fresh apple cider
1 T chia seeds
dashes of cinnamon (to taste)
1/2 C pure pumpkin puree
2 T apple butter
handful of raw pumpkin seeds

Mix the oats, milk & cider and nuke for 1 minute.
Add the rest of the ingredients.

This breakfast will most likely be recreated again and again and again around here. :)

The hubs on the other hand wanted cinnamon rolls with orange icing so he opened a package and cooked up these:

Yep, he hopped on the blogging bandwagon and snapped a shot of HIS breakfast. lol!
After breakfast I got an IM from my cousin that they weren't going to make it to the Colt's game and wondered if I wanted their tickets.  Um, Yeah!!!

Kai's first game!!
So we ate at the game...$50 worth of food & beer!  What did I get?

A veggie sandwich and a bottle of water to share with Kai.  

...And I helped Kai with her popcorn & pretzel.

What did Kai think of her first game?  

1.  The biggest hit was that there are running horses on the screen before kicks.  Kai was searching the field for those horses.  lol!  Regardless of the fact that she couldn't find them she loved the shots of running horses every time they were shown.

2.  She loved the warm up because it was slow enough for her to see what was happening.  She got excited when they'd catch the ball, etc..

3.  The first time we went to the bathroom I went to wash my hands and there was a spider in the sink!!!  There are easily 20 sinks in the bathroom and I pick one with a spider.  After drying my jersey from the splash I made when I discovered the little fella, Kai wanted to check him out.  By the end of the game we made 3 visits to the bathroom - each starting with a sink spider-check. :)

4.  Cheering is fun!  She enjoyed all that quite a bit.

And then at the start of the 4th quarter...

Self portrait with a cell phone is not easy!

She was out cold!!  All the cheers & boos (seriously 2 missed pass interference calls back to back!  Come on refs!!) were not enough to wake her.  

For dinner we ate out with Grammy & Grandpa for the first time in ages. :)  We went to a place called Fiesta.  The food was good but the service was HORRIBLE.  At one point my mom was in the middle of asking the waitress for more napkins and she just walked away!  Seriously!!

I got a veggie fajita & ate copious amounts of chips & salsa.  (no pic - sorry)

Then after we got home the Hubs & I sat down to watch Thor.  I like Thor. :)  But not enough to stay awake.  I think I slept through 90% of the movie!!  lol!!

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