Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun with Black Board Paint

Yes, I ate yesterday but more importantly, I got crafty!!

see above the cabinets...those are my new fancy storage jars.

Every time I need a bean or grain this is what I had to deal with...

Lots and lots of little bags, nothing really labeled, and it's possible likely, they've spilled before.  I finally decided enough was enough and went out and bought some Ball Jars and Black Board paint.  I had a plan!!

First we taped rectangle paint areas off.  This was a totally worthless step!  The paint went under the tape in spots and so I wound up just using my foam brush to get the edges.  I didn't want/need/have-the-patience to try and get a perfect rectangle anyway so free-handing it wound up working for me.

Next we put 3 layers of paint on the jars.
They had to dry 4 hours in between each coat!!!  Crazy but effective.

Ok - if you have a "helper" the tape is useful. :)

Then it was just a matter of filling them up and adding a label. 

Yep, I'm now the picture of organization! :D

As for my meals yesterday...

Breakfast was a quick apple and almond butter & a BIG bowl of watermelon.  Not much of a breakfast but I just wasn't very hungry and we were running late.  Tomorrow I'll do better. :)

Lunch was a large salad of:  Spinach, cooked Millet, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Sunflower Seeds & Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Dinner was roasted veggies, grilled cheese & "ice cream"...

On the way back from MI last weekend we stopped and bought some cheese. :)
I like toppings on my Grilled cheese so I sauteed some onion, mushrooms & kale.

The Hub's was just basic bread & cheese - he's been sick the last 2 days and this was the first he's had something other than bananas or toast.
Kai and I had 'Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted Whole Grain Sesame Bread', cheese, tomato & the saute topping. 

Roasted eggplant, zucchini & green beans with salt & apple cider vinegar.

My plate. :)

Dessert:  Frozen banana, strawberries, spinach, cinnamon & chia seeds.


  1. Great post - I love every idea from the chalkboard paint to the fancy schmancy grilled cheese sammies!

  2. I LOVE your posts and look so very forward to each new one! Thank you for all the effort! These are fabulous!!!!!!

  3. Thanks guys!! Your comments really brightened my day.