Friday, September 2, 2011

Dinner in 10 Minutes Flat

Dinner last night happened in 10 Minutes Flat...

Yesterday time completely got away from me.  

First I took Kai and we did a bunch of our grocery shopping.  
My budget was $75. I was not to spend any more than that or our bank account be bouncing like a Super Ball.  Now, I don't normally do the shopping.  The Hubs is all about his budget AND he does it without Kai around him pointing out all the cartoon characters on the different item through out the store.  So how did I do??

Hell Yeah!!  I kinda feel like I should get an award or something.

Ok -not going over budget will never be an Olympic event but seriously - that's some mad skill!!

Then we went swimming.  I want to know where did this heat came from!  I was really enjoying our nice 80 degree weather.  Today I got right into the pool... and if you knew me better you'd know that that's saying something.  I'm more of a hot tub than pool kinda' girl.  But when it's this hot and the AC on your car doesn't work that water can be VERY inviting. :)

Then we came home and just did little things around the house - put dishes away, picked up toys, caught up on work, created a tent...stuff that you do and takes time but that doesn't really seem like your "doing something".  

Tea Time takes up precious time.

When mommy take a picture Kai gets to take a picture
and since she actually got me in the shot how could I not post it. :)

All of a sudden Kai tells me she's hungry and I look at the clock and it's 6:15 - No kidding she's hungry!  When school started I moved her bed time up to 7:30 and dinner time up to 5:30.  We're 45 MINUTES PAST DINNER TIME!!  That's bad - even for me.

So I needed to make a dinner quick and let me tell you... it. was. awesome.

There wasn't even a need for a silver lining with this meal.  It was good from the get go. 

Beans & Rice

1/4 onion - chopped
1 green bell pepper - chopped

1 bag of Uncle Ben's 90 Second Rice
1/2 C cooked black beans (I make a bunch up and freeze them to use through out the week)
2 tomatoes - chopped

1.  Heat some EVOO in a skillet and add your onion & bell.
2.  Pop the rice into the microwave.
3.  Add black beans to the skillet
4.  When the rice is done add it to the skillet
5.  Remove the pan from the heat and add the chopped tomato
6.  Top with what ever you can find that sounds good - I added nutritional yeast, white cheese & avocado.  But after my first plate I ate what was left in the pan and it tasted perfect even without the added toppings. :)
7.  Done!

Gather ingredients from the garden/grocery. :)

Quick rice - 90 seconds and it's done

Bells, Onions & Beans

Add some Rice

Done!  Now all I have to do is put that onion away. ;)

For dessert...

A cup of dry cereal.
Kai and I were both looking for an excuse to crack open the new cereal box.  lol!

And for those of you who REALLY like seeing my bowls of oatmeal (you know who you are)....

Oats + Kiwi + Raisins + Chia Seeds + Cinnamon

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