Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apples & Painted Toast - What a Day!

So much was going on yesterday that I can't believe it all actually fit into one day.

Without further ado, let's get this thing started...

The first thing I did when I got up yesterday was put:
1/4C oats, 1/4C Almond Milk, 1/4C Water & approx 1/2 T Chia seeds
into my blender and popped it in the fridge to soak.  Then I showered, dressed and got ready to leave.  But first I finished my Pumpkin Pie smoothie.

Into the soaked oatmeal went 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2C pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice & drizzle of Agave Nectar.  All that got blended and poured into a large glass...which was enjoyed in the car...without a photo being taken.  :)

As I enjoyed my smoothie my mom, my friend and I headed off to the Children's Resale, which is basically a HUGE garage sale held twice a year for children's clothes & accessories.   This is the big event where I stock up on clothes for the rest of the year.  I came home with 2 garbage bags full of stuff, including a My Little Pony sleeping bag that I got for $2.00!  Cha-Ching!!

When I got back from the resale I quickly whipped up a lunch to-go so the Hubs, Kai and I could set off for my very first trip to an orchard!!  So excited!!

I wanted something hot so I started by sauteing the greens from 3 beats, 1/4 onion, a handful of spinach and some mushrooms.  When those were are cooked up I scrambled an egg into the mix.  Then I topped the whole thing with some chopped bell peppers, tomatoes, nutritional yeast and humus.  Plus Kai and I had a couple plums on the side.

Lunch was consumed before we pulled out of the driveway, but that was do to some issues trying to enter the address into the GPS. lol!

Once out of the driveway we FINALLY made it to Stuckey's Farm without incident and went out to start picking...

Found one!

Yep, looks good!

Picking my first-ish apple!

I did it! WOOT!!

The best ones are all up high!
We wound up leaving with about 20lbs of apples and 2 small pumpkin breads! :)

Once home I juiced a bunch of apples to make cider.  Yum!!
Making cider is SO easy if you have a juicer.  Just cut the apples to fit into the feeder & juice them.  When I was done I checked the pulp and it was still a little wet so I ran it through again.  And then I used my cheese cloth to get even more juice out of the pulp.  (I wasn't going to let any of it go to waste!)

After that it's just a matter of letting the juice set for a few minutes and then scooping the foam off the top.  Bam! Instant Cider.

Once I had the cider I decided to make some Apple Butter to go with it.  I basically followed this recipe.  Around 5lbs apples (I guesstimated the amount/weight) + 1/3C Organic Sucanat + 1/4 of the home made cider + 2 cinnamon sticks + powdered ginger & cloves.  Into the slow cooker on hi for an hour-ish and then on to low with the lid propped open.  At one point I removed the cinnamon sticks and used my immersion blender to smooth it all out.   Then I put the sticks back in and left the lid off until it was a nice thickness.  It took several hours but was totally worth it.

Dinner was a salad with all the toppings..

So did you thing that was the end of the day?  Of course not!  We still need the painted toast. :)

After dinner we had a little friend over to play with Kai.  When the girls claimed to be hungry and were looking for a snack I pulled this out...

Painted Toast

mini-muffin pan with milk + food coloring of choice.
I'm always out of red. :(
Give the girls some colored milk, a few brushes and a piece of bread each and let them go to town...

Then we popped them into the toaster oven and toasted them. :)

All done and ready to eat!
The activity was a big hit.  The girls LOVED it.  But when it came time to eat, Kai's friend took one look at her toast and said, "I don't eat paint".  I told her it was edible and she took a closer look but chose not to take a chance on it. lol!

By the end of the night the apple butter was done so into random jars it went...

The taste of Fall
And that was my day.  Oh, and I also managed to finish the cape & bow for Kai's Snow White Halloween costume.  Just call me Super Mom! :)

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