Monday, September 26, 2011

Cheese Sticks

I de-lap-topped this weekend.  No e-mails, no Facebook, no blogging. :)

Of course I still had my phone & could sneak peeks at what was going on but for the most part I took the weekend off.

Well, until yesterday.  I had to update my Fantasy Football team.  All that effort of turning on my laptop and I STILL lost. :(    I blame Philip Rivers.  What kind of a QB only gets me 6 points!?!

So this weekend I continued my Pumpkin affair and have lots of pumpkin uses for you, that I'll be posting about later.  We also got to visit with my sister while they were in town to see their new nephew (born on Friday!), celebrated my father in-law's birthday and picked out Kai's birthday present.  (We're going to get her a big-girl bike that has a seat on the front for "Baby Doll".  Yeah, we're very creative in naming the toys. lol!)

Today I'm going to keep it short & sweet with our game watching snack from last night.

I made cheese sticks, which are incredibly simple to do but also require some freezer time so you have to plan ahead.  Perfect for the Sunday Night game. :)

Makes 6

3 Mozzarella String Cheese sticks
1/4 C Whole Wheat Flour
1 Egg Whites
1/2 C Panko Crumbs
1 T Italian Seasoning

Set up 3 bowls - one with the flour, one with the egg whites, and one with the Crumbs & Seasoning mixed.
Cut your String Cheese in half so that you have 6 sticks.
Dip all the cheese sticks into the flour.
Now the messy part...
Dip the cheese stick into the egg & coat, then dip and cover with the seasoned crumbs.
Dip AGAIN into the egg and then the crumbs.
Set the sticks onto a cookie sheet (I used parchment paper so that they wouldn't stick).
Once you have them all coated put the entire thing into the freezer for 1-2+ hours.
Just before your ready to serve pop them into a 400° pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes...until the cheese is soft.

Ready to begin...

All coated and ready to go into the freezer

Served up with some marinara sauce & pumpkin apple cider


  1. This was my second failure of the day. I missed where you said FREEZE for 1-2 hours. I just popped my bad boys right into the oven. When they came out I had very nicely shaped empty breading and pools of cheese all over the pan. Luckily it all tasted great, just not put

  2. lol!! It only has to look pretty if you're serving company. :P