Friday, September 30, 2011

No Cooking Today

Yesterday I was in a funk. :(

It happens to all of us.  I was busy with work.  Kai was planning a "sleep over" with her friends from school (no parents are involved in this plan) and planning her wedding but she's having trouble "picking which boy she's going to marry"! YIKES!!  And I just did not feel like cooking....anything.


Breakfast was the oatmeal that Kai didn't finish for breakfast, an apple and some more hot tea.

Only now I'm out of pumpkin. :(

See what I mean?  It was a funk of a day. 

Fortunately I happened to have some coconut whip in the fridge.

Though it's no pumpkin, I have to say it was an EXCELLENT substitute....

Hot Green Tea + Large Spoonful of Coconut Whip + Cinnamon

As a mid morning snack I had the last of the Pumpkin Humus and a LOT of carrots.  Probably too many carrots.  I was really digging the crunch and the bag was ALMOST empty so I went ahead and finished it off.  I'm sure I saved some energy or something by not having to open the fridge to put the bag back, right?  So it was good for the environment.  :)

Lunch was a tossed together taco salad.  

The last of the spinach + tomato salsa + black bean & corn salsa + avocado + broken chips...

Super Quick and Super Easy.

Kai of course had a jelly sandwich. :P


Have you noticed a theme yet?  "the last of..."  Yeah, we need to hit up the grocery store!  As dinner time came around I kept coming up with ideas and then checking for ingredients.  Every time we came up short.  Finally the Hub's suggested Chinese!

Ding, ding, ding, ding - we have a winner!!

I ordered Vegetable Chow Mein, with a side of Egg Drop Soup.  What I THOUGHT I was ordering was the one with noodles but this is the one with rice.  See, it said it came with noodles but it was those deep fried stick thingies that I HATE.  Fortunately it was VERY good which made up for my lack of Chinese Ordering skills. :P

I ate it all!  All the rice, all the Chow Mein, all the Soup!
I LOVE Chinese food!!
The Hubs on the other hand knew what he was doing and ordered Shrimp Lo Mein, which DOES come with noodles (see, Chow vs. Lo makes all the difference).  I shared my rice and the hubs shared his noodles & broccoli with Kai.  They also shared some Crab Rangoon.

And once she saw my chop sticks she needed some of her own....

After a few tries, she had them mastered! :)

So that was my day of no cooking.  Of course I'm already making up for that today.  I've already prepped my dinner for tonight...BBQ Lentils!  :)

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