Thursday, September 15, 2011

Something Fishy's Going On...

Before I get into what I ate today, and my fishy situation, I had to share the Hub's crafty moment.  

They say that necessity is the mother of invention so I guess he felt it was necessary to find a new way to dry my Green Bags.  Apparently just setting them around to dry was a little too haphazard.  Plus they'd fall over and, well, it really was a mess of a situation.

Enter his Green Bag Dry-Line:

Just a piece of rope he cut and tied loops on the ends of so they can slip onto the cabinet knobs.  Then a few cloths clip and the bags can drip dry over the sink. :)

So Crafty.

Breakfast was a little embarrassing.  I was running so late this morning that I dumped some chopped frozen apples and cinnamon into my blender and added almond milk until I got a nice consistency.  Then I took Kai to school (with about 2 minutes to spare!) and headed home.  For the rest of my "meal" I finished off the Quinoa Salad from yesterday's lunch while working at the computer.  So yeah, that was my "breakfast".  Like I said, a little embarrassing. :)

Lunch on the other hand was NOT embarrassing.  Lunch was amazing.  Lunch was so good I could have just kept on eating until I exploded.

We started out by going to The Farmer Market Express to get a small pumpkin.  We did not get a pumpkin though.  I got an acorn squash, a pear and this...

"Doesn't my hand look like the apple?"

Yep, they had caramel apples and once it caught Kai's eye it was game over.  "Ohhh, mom, look at that!"  She choose the caramel apple over everything else and so we came home with one. :)

Of course first we had to stop back by her school to get Baby Doll, her headband and her necklace.  I know the girl likes to accessorize but we may have to start limiting it in the future.

Once home Kai dug in!

1 Rule:  She had to eat the apple as well as the caramel!
Half way through Kai looked up at me with an A-Ha-Face and said, "Mommy, we could do this to all OUR apples!!"  Ummm, no.  This is a once in a while treat.  I mean if I can't have Fro-Yo everyday, she can't have Caramel Apples everyday.  It just wouldn't be fair.

After finishing the dessert we moved on to the actual lunch.

Tuna Salad:
1 Can Tuna, 1 spoonful Yogurt, 1/2 Avocado & squirt of Dijon Mustard
Mine was spread onto a tortilla with spinach, tomato & bell pepper.  Kai's was turned into mini-sandwiches using saltine crackers with a side of tomatoes & bells.

And then, since dessert was already eaten, we finished it off by splitting the pear.

For dinner the Hubs had said he wanted Salmon & Rice.  And then I bought the Acorn Squash and wanted to use it too.

I found this recipe on line and used Raisins instead of cranberries & coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil.  Oh, and cut the recipe in half...

So Fancy!
My final Plate:
Salmon - baked with a spray of EVOO and a dash of paprika & curry powder.
Brown Rice
Acorn Squash with Apple Raisin Stuffing
Not as colorful as I like my plate to be but still tasted good. :)

When Kai saw the squash her first reaction was "what's that".  Since she turns her nose up to the word squash I told her it was called Yum-yum (I'm not good under pressure).  She tasted it and LOVED it.  Gobbled it all up.  And just kept telling me that she LOVED the yellow stuff and saying "Thank you for this food".  Afterward she asked me again what the yellow stuff was and I told her "squash, acorn squash".  Her reaction?  "What?  I didn't think I liked squash!"  Well, now she does.  I feel so accomplished. :)
Every last bit was eaten!

So that was my day.  Tuna for lunch and Salmon for dinner.  I didn't even realize how fishy my day was until I went to take a picture of my plate!  I guess I've gotten a good boost of Omega 3's today.  I feel smarter already!

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