Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guess What I Found!

Happy September!  Can you believe August is over already?  Can you believe it's supposed to be 100° today??  What happened???

I guess we're going to have to cut back on our walks again.  And of course, just yesterday I went shopping for jeans.  :(

At least this is Indy so you know the weather isn't going to stick.
By Monday it's supposed to be nice and cool again. :D

In the mean time I'll probably still be enjoying hot oats.  I actually really like overnight oats but I have to put it together the night before and then I usually make too much.  So you see, it's not so much that I prefer hot oats as it is that I'm not organized enough to pre-plan my breakfast. 

So yesterday's breakfast looked a lot like every other day...

oats + mango + banana + pumpkin seeds + chia seeds + cinnamon

I remember taking a picture of Kai's breakfast too but now I can't find it.  I cleaned up my phone yesterday and I'm guessing I deleted it - d'oh!  Picture in your mind... A bowl of cereal with raisins sprinkled in and a side of banana and hard boiled egg.  Have I mentioned the genius of hard boiled eggs.  I made up 6 at the beginning of the week and stored them back in the egg container (you can definitely tell the difference between a HB and a raw egg when you pick it up so I wasn't worried about mixing them up).  Now I've got a nutritional powerhouse ready to go every morning. :D

Lunch involved an exciting find.  Have you ever put on a jacket and discovered a $20 bill in the pocket?  It was always your money but you feel like you just won the lottery!!  Well that was me yesterday.

But instead of a $20 bill I found watermelon.

Oh, and it wasn't in my pocket.  Yikes, that would have been messy.  Very messy.  It was in the freezer.

You see, earlier this year I cut up a watermelon and had too much for the bowl I keep it in.  So rather than leaving it out and eating it throughout the day I put it into a freezer container.  The same kind of container I keep my blackberries in.  Then I forgot!!  I ate the fresh watermelon and when I ran out I got a new one.  When I saw the container in the freezer I thought it was my black berries.  Then yesterday I opened it.

I think I heard angels sing!!

I was so excited.  We were having watermelon at lunch - for sure!

I pulled out more than needed (don't worry, we managed to eat it all) and nuked it at 20 second intervals until it was de-frozen but still cold.  After enjoying many pieces I made up a spinach salad.
spinach, watermelon & feta
I'm sure there is a better way to eat the left over tofu but I pretty much snacked on a few slices as I waited for the watermelon to defrost.
Kai's been planing a camping trip with her BBF for a few weeks now.  She has it all figured out...They're going to camp, have a campfire with "mushrooms" (aka marshmallows), and tell stories.  Now there is no actual camping trip in our immediate future but she is certain we're going camping.  So in an effort to ease her inpatients we went ahead and made chocolate-less Smores. :)

Gas Fireplace

Enjoying a roasted marshmallow on gram crackers
That should quench her camping needs for at least a few days. :)

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