Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun fact: I try and type these up the night before and set them to post at 8 AM the next day.  So if it every posts later in the day than that, you'll know I was slacking the night before.  :)

It's now getting late and I'm stumped for an interesting intro.  My dinner was very orange this evening but I'm drawing a blank in how I can tie that into something.  So today, we're just going to jump right in...

For breakfast I was back to oats.  Yeah!!  I missed you oats. :)

Topped with some of last night's side dish of acorn squash, apples & raisins.  Just as good for breakfast as it was for dinner.

....and I may have kinda' hid from Kai while eating it.  She really likes this squash and she's as bad as Frodo (our beagle) when it comes to food - as soon as I start to enjoy my meal little fingers suddenly appear, sneaking a bite! 

Oatmeal, my old friend! :)

Lunch started with a version of white bean & tomato soup but without any Orzo and with kale instead of spinach. 

While that simmered I made zucchini chips as a side.  I was down to my last zucchini and there were so many ways I like it that deciding on what to make was actually a really hard decision.  In the end I decided a crispy chip was the best pairing with the soup.  

Boy was I right!  I love it when I'm right.  I think I'll just always be right from now on.  It makes things so much easier.

Zucchini Chips
1 zucchini
Almond Milk
1/4C Panko Crumbs
1/4C Parmesan Cheese
2 T onion powder ( I LOVE onion)
1/2 T garlic powder
Pinch of salt

Pre-heat oven to 425.
Slice your zucchini into 1/4"ish discs
Mix in a bowl the bread crumbs, cheese & spices.
Dip each slice into the milk and then into your bread mixture so that both sides are coated.
Set your coated slices on an oven rack or grill basket (you want the air to circulate around them so they get crispy on both sides)
Place in the oven and cook about 30 minutes until golden brown.

My assembly line arc

Into the toaster oven.
I added a sheet under them to try and catch any drops/crumbs
 Ta-da!  Lunch is served....

Soup topped with Nutritional Yeast & Greek Yogurt
and a shared plate of zucchini chips

Once again the Hubs was working late. :(  I'm starting to think he's planning this just so he can run through Taco Bell on his way home instead of enjoying a home cooked meal. lol!

Remember in the beginning when I mentioned our meal was really orange?
Well here's what we had:

Nuked Sweet Potato topped with some Maple Syrup & Toasted Pecans
Sun-dried Tomato Humus
Baby Carrots & Orange Bell Peppers
The last of the Acorn Squash from yesterday
and, added at the last minute to give some contrasting color, Kale Chips
Kai and I both cleaned our plates. :)
Of course I started by consuming my kale chips and she devoured the humus.
So do you take into account the colors on your plate when planning your meal?  The Hubs would be perfectly happy with a grilled piece of chicken, a potato & a roll - tan, brown & off-white.  As tasty as something is, a monochromatic plate just makes me sad.  I want to sit down to a rainbow.  Or at least something bright.

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