Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Bites & Cockroaches

Is anything more appealing on a plate then some Apple Bites & Cockroaches???

I definitely didn't invent these Apple Bites, but who ever did is genius!

I've seen different ways to create the Apple Bites and some of them are really complex.

This isn't.  It didn't involve any fancy cutting or anything. :)

Use an Apple Slicer/Corer to quickly get 10 slices of apple which will make 5 bites.
If your bites are going to sit out for a while then you'll want to coat them with some lemon juice or sprite so that they don't brown.
Using your favorite seed (I used Sunflower here but I've also used pumpkin seeds) stick teeth into the apple flesh along the fat/skin side.
Now stick 2 of the apple slices together by putting a dab of Almond Butter (or peanut butter, or Humus, which is what I used because Kai HATES nutbutters) along the skinny/core side of one slice and top with another.
And your done!

If you thing Apple Bites are easy wait until you try these.
Take a pitted Date and stick 2 small seeds in for eyes on the top.
Done! :P

Now have some fun with your food...

After all, if you're not playing with your food then you're obviously not doing it right!

Did you  mistake me for Angelina Jolie??

I Vant To Drink Your Blood!


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