Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grapefruit, Porridge & Boobies, oh my!

Here's the thing about blogging.  The more you have going on to blog about, the less time you  have to sit down and record it.  Ain't that life?

Of course there's always time for a little kitchen fun...

Happy Halloween!
The hubs saw this and started to ask where I got the tiny pumpkin but caught himself.  Tee-hee, a Grapefruit and a black marker are a dangerous combo when I'm waiting for my water to heat up for tea.  That's 3 minutes that I have nothing to do but not enough time to go start a project. :)

Our eats this weekend included getting Pizza Friday night at a place called Chicago's Pizza...

It was a little reunion of our family, my sister-in-law's family and my mom/dad-in-law.  We all split 2 orders of bread sticks and 2 pizzas (a veggie & a meat lovers).  And we left with only 1 slice of meat lovers.  It could have been a slice of each pizza but my sister & I decided to go ahead an split the last's easier to carry in your belly anyway. lol!!

After pizza we were off to go see my sister-in-law's new house!!!  It looks so nice it totally made me jealous.  And it made me want to clean out our house a bit...not enough to actually do, but enough to wish the house-refresher fairy would stop by for a bit.  :)

For breakfast (I think it was Friday, but does that really matter?) I wanted pumpkin.  Shocker!  

We were up really early so I had plenty of time to make a pumpkin quinoa porridge.

1/4 C Quinoa (not cooked)
1/2 C Almond Milk
Splash of Vanilla
1 T Maple Syrup
1/2 C Pumpkin - you may want less but I LOVE me some pumpkin.
Topped with:  Cinnamon & Pumpkin Seeds

In a sauce pan Mix everything but the pumpkin & toppings.  Bring to a boil and let simmer until the milk is all absorbed and the quinoa starts to look like little tiny Saturns (that's how you know it's done!)

Stir in the pumpkin and pour into a bowl.  Add your toppings.  Eat to your heart's delight...or until the bowl's empty. :)

Other than that there was a lot of the same old, same old....

Hummus+ Sandwich and Pumpkin with cinnamon & Chia seeds

Spaghetti Squash with tomatoes, spinach, nutritional yeast & basil

And lots, and lots of snacks.  Man do I have a sweet tooth.

And do you want to know why?

My advice...Don't buy the bag.  I've literally had to put them up on a shelf I can only reach by standing on a chair.  They're just to good!!

I also made this this weekend...

Save them all, big or small!

What do they look like to you?  Do you see little pink boobies? lol!!

The hubs came in and saw them and asked if I had really just made boob cookies.  HA!!

I've been making meringue "Eyes" for the Halloween season and thought they kinda had a boob-like quality to them so I added a little pink to the mix and perked them up a bit then BAM!
A Pink Boobie Treat!

1 egg white - brought to room temperature
1/6 t Cream of Tartar (I use a 1/2 t and fill it 1/3 of the way...GO Math!)
6 pts (1/8C) of Truvia (or 1/4C sugar)
1 T Beet juice (I Juiced 1/2 a beet.  You could probably use red food coloring if you don't want to use beet)

Beat your room-temp egg white & Cream of Tartar until nice and frothy.
Add your truvia/sugar and beat until peaks form (you've just made meringue - good job!)
FOLD in your beet juice so that it's pink.
Put your meringue into a pastry bag (or ziplock bag with the tip nipped)
Squirt 2 circles holding your bag vertically and pull straight up when done.  Your "boobs will have 2 peaks to them).  After getting as many boobs as I could I went around and added some more to beef up the nips.  These girls had their headlights on. :)

To bake, place in a 200° oven for about an hour.  Turn the oven off but leave the meringues in for another hour or so.  You're basically drying them out.  They're done when the outside is crispy. 

Our house is full of boobs!

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