Thursday, October 27, 2011

Green Monster

If you read healthy eating blogs you've probably heard of the Green Monster.  I don't know if there's really a definition for a Green Monster, other than it's basically a green smoothie...Green because of leafy ingredients, not food coloring. :)

So what sounds more Halloweeny than a Green Monster?

Into my Green Monster went:
1/2 Frozen banana
BIG handful of spinach
Frozen Nectarine
Chia Seeds
Almond Milk

But what really made this guy a Monster was the face...

I just used a toothpick and some "Chocolate Syrup" to draw a face inside the glass before pouring the smoothie in.  If you have chocolate syrup in your house then more power to you.  I don't.  I had to make my own...

1 t Carob Powder (or cocoa powder)
Agave Nectar (or honey)

Add a TINY amount of the agave nectar to the carob powder & stir (I used a toothpick to stir it).  Keep adding the agave nectar until you have a syrup consistency.  That's it.  Super quick & easy - and you know exactly what's in it. :)

Other than that there was a LOT of snacking going on  yesterday.  Kai's school had trick-or-treating, then I took her to the Children's Museum Haunted House (which also had some trick-or-treating).  Finally the day ended with a trip for her 4 year Wellness Check-up, including a Flu Shot, which also included a treat. We were seriously treated out.  

AND I learned that Kai does not like Tootsie Rolls.  I wish I had a recorder going as she opened the tootsie rolls she had gotten.  She tried the first one and didn't like it.  Then she opened another one, looked at it, and said, "Ugh, Not chocolate AGAIN!".  She handed me that piece and opened a third.  "Seriously, chocolate AGAIN, what's going on here?!?"  I was cracking up.  To be fair the rolls were in assorted wrappings so even I thought they were the flavored tootsie rolls.  In the end she found a sucker and was happy with that and I had a pile of opened candy that will never be eaten. :)

Dinner was left over soup.  And then I made up something more for me...

A quick soup of...
Sauteed Onion
Veggie Broth
LOTS of Kale
Handful of Lentils
Handful of Quinoa

I let it all simmer until the lentils were done and enjoyed 2 full bowls of it!  YUM!!

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  1. Yum to all! That is hilarious what Kai was saying with the tootsie rolls! My boys won't eat them either because at their very first dental appt the dentist told them that the worst candy for teeth was tootsie rolls, airheads, laffy taffy. They mind the dentist. Phew! lol Nov 22 is looking good for a teaching session in your kitchen. How much will you charge me??!!