Friday, October 7, 2011

Snack Week

Ok, I'm going to keep this short and sweet...

Silly face oatmeal (I didn't have time to make pancakes, lol!)

I picked up Kai from school and then headed out to do some shopping so I packed our lunches to go...

Sandwiches (Humus, spinach, sun dried tomato, avocado & mushroom for me; Jelly & nutritional yeast for Kai) with a side of bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots & avocado; and an apple.

Each was individually package which was a GINORMOUS hit with Kai!  She even ate the yellow bells I put in her box. :D

While out shopping we were so close to Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt that I decided we just HAD to stop in.  Definitely the best way to end a shopping trip. :D

For dinner the Hubs wanted an egg sandwich and potatoes.  So into a hot oven went some chopped potatoes sprayed with Olive Oil.  While those roasted I cooked up 4 eggs (2 for the hubs, one for me and one for Kai).  I also made myself a salad of Spinach, Tomato, cucumbers, feta cheese and beets, with a dressing made up of equal parts lime & maple syrup.  Mmmmm, so good!

OK, now for what's really on my mind. :)

Next week is our week to take school snacks.  Each parent gets 1 week to provide the snacks for the class.  They have to be kid friendly, under 300 calories (not a problem!) and quick/easy to serve.  There no allergies in the class and it can be homemade. :)

Here are my ideas so far...
Bananas & Grapes or other type of fruit.
Apple chips & store bought yogurt
Annie's Bunnies (like Goldfish)
Cookie Balls (nuts + dates + add-ins)

Thursday is her actual birthday so I'll take in some kind of a traditional treat - cupcakes or something like that.  :)

So does anyone out there have any ideas for good snacks?  I'm open to suggestions. :)

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