Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ghostly Meringue

Looks good right?!?

Yeah, it's hard to beat a Ghostly Meringue Cookie!  We've been enjoying them quite a bit.

In fact, we'll probably run out long before Halloween and will have to make more!

To make these I basically doubled up the boobie cookies and left out the beets...
2 egg whites at room temperature
1/3 t cream of tartar
12 pkts Truvia

Beat the egg whites & cream of tartar until fluffy.
Add Truvia.
Pipe into swirly peaks.
Bake for an hour at 200°, leave in oven for another hour.

I used pomegranate for the eyes & mouth...other ideas would be raisins, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, etc...

Other treats we enjoyed yesterday included a big bowl of pumpkin topped with almond milk, chia seeds, cinnamon, cinnamon whipped honey, and pomegranate.

mmmmm, pumpkin

And some more Fancy Acorn Squash....

mmmmm, squash

But this time I stirred some chopped spinach into the squash before putting it back in the shell. :D

Dinner was "Grandma's Soup", as in the Hub's Grandma's soup.  I didn't take any photos but it was delicious.  It basically involves simmering a piece of meat and a bunch of whole veggies in water all day then adding noodles.  Very simple and always a hit.  Even Kai likes it!  Plus it makes enough for left overs, which means I don't have to make dinner tonight. :D

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