Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baked Spaghetti

Yesterday Kai had no idea what she wanted for breakfast!  We started out with some cereal.  She ate that and wanted something else.  We decided on a hard boiled egg.  She ate half of that and decided she wanted a jelly sandwich.  Being a good mom who wants to send her off to school with a full stomach I made her a jelly sandwich.  She ate half of it and wanted something else.  At that point the "good mommy" disappeared and I told her I was NOT making 4 breakfasts and she had to finish that sandwich.  She was not getting anything else.  You know what she did?  She came up to me and pulled my face closer and gave me a kiss and said, "I'm sorry, I love my jelly sandwich".  OK, then I felt SO guilty.  I mean I didn't REALLY yell at her but I felt like I had obviously made her think she was in trouble.  At any rate she finished most of her sandwich and didn't ask for anything else. :)

Lunch was surprisingly easy.  Kai didn't ask for a jelly sandwich (yeah!!).  Instead she asked for a turkey sandwich (aka a Tuna Sandwich - I've tried to convince her it's called tuna and not turkey but she doesn't get it.)  Out came the can of tuna and she got excited.  Tuna salad is one of her favorite meals because she can help with every step.  She "helped" me open the can, drain the water off, and put the tuna in a bowl.  Of course getting the tuna to the bowl is the tricky part.  Quite a bit of tasting happens while she scoops it out.  I added 1/4 avocado and a spoonful of yogurt and she stir, stir, stirred. :)

recycled photo :)

I pulled out some saltine crackers and we created 4 mini-cracker sandwiches and Kai went to town.  I ate what was left in the bowl (which wasn't much) and then heated up the left over potato soup from the night before.  We also split a plum.  And a fun sized Hersey bar from her trick or treating. :)

For dinner I wanted to use my Spaghetti Squash. :D  I suggested spaghetti and the hubs requested baked spaghetti.  I can work with that. :)

1 1/4 C Dry Penne Pasta - cook according to directions
1/2 jar Prego pasta sauce (or make your own marinara, I just didn't have time)
2 Packets of shredded chicken
Couple shakes of: 
     Onion Powder
     Garlic Powder
     Dried Basil
Handful of Mozzarella

* Add in options:  Spinach, chopped zucchinni, shredded carrots...

Pre-heat oven to 350°
Cook your pasta.
Mix everything but the cheese in a bread pan.  (I just break up the frozen chicken and stir it in.  Since your going to bake it anyway it can just defrost in the pasta)
Top with the mozzarella and bake for 20-30 minutes so that the cheese is all melted.
Turn on your broiler for a few minutes so that the cheese gets nice and toasty.
That's it.  Simple and Delicious.

Gather Your Ingredients

Bake & Serve.
While that was going on I discovered this little sticker on my squash...

Microwave Instructions...8-10 Minutes...Where has this been hiding?!?  I was kinda hoping it wouldn't work because that would mean that I haven't been waiting 30-40 minutes when I could have had it in a third less time!!

RESULTS - It worked!  It was a little mushier, so next time I'm going to try it at closer to 8 mintues (I started out at 10).  I only made 1/2 of it so I'll be trying again very soon. :)

Topped with left over BBQ Sauce from camping.   I had really wanted to top it with marinara/spaghetti sauce but I was plum out and had BBQ sauce to use.  I figured they're both tomato based. lol! 

It was actually pretty good.  I still like the marinara sauce better but BBQ is a nice alternative.   Also eaten after dinner was...a few fingerfuls of Almond Butter, a Bowl of Pumpkin, a Plumb and more Grapes.  I guess I was hungry yesterday. :)

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