Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghost Shake, Severed Finger & Witch's Broom

Yesterday's dinner continued the spooky meal time fun...

But first I wanted to share with you our lunch. :)

It was REALLY good.

I basically made fried rice, sans the rice!

In it was sauteed onion, beet greens, red & yellow pepper, mushrooms,
tomato & scrambled eggs.

That's it - no extra sauces or seasoning.

For Kai, who's not always a fan of everything mixed together
I put the individual elements on her plate...
Scrambled eggs, a pile of peppers & mushrooms, a small pile of sauteed greens,
some humus and tomatoes.


After lunch the two of us went to the Eiteljorg Museum (Museum dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of American Indian and western art and the many cultures of North America) for their Dia de los Muertos.  I'd seen it on Facebook and thought it would be something fun and different to do while the Hubs was out helping his folks move (we've already been to the Children's Museum Haunted House and Boo at the Zoo).  Well, the only thing I found was a small alter behind their main stairwell where you could write the names of people who have passed.  There was no exhibit or activity.  It's entirely possible we'd missed it or didn't go in the correct room but I was a littl
e disappointed. Fortunately there's always the Kid Friendly area so we checked out some Old West homes, rode some "horses" and took a trip on a stage coach.  We also spent some time upstairs where the tepees are and we were able to build a few small model ones. :)

By the time we got home Kai was in the mood for some "ice cream"...So I made up a Haunted banana-soft-serve-milkshake.   Into the blender went a frozen banana, cinnamon, a drizzle of Maple Syrup & Vanilla, and Almond milk to thin it out.  Then I decorated a glass with some chocolate syrup and poured the shake in. 

Easy as that I had a healthy halloweeny treat. :)

Don't be scared of me!

Finally it was dinner time!  For the main meal I boiled some broccoli and edemame in 1/2 C water then added 1/4C cous-cous.  I let that simmer until it was done.

While it was cooking I made us up some sides to go with it....

Start with 1/2 stick of string cheese with a nail bed and knuckle grooves cut out.  Then I used a pumpkin seed for the finger nail.  (I usually see these with bell pepper nails in green or red but I didn't want to cut up a pepper just for a few slivers.  I'm lazy, lol!)

To add a little congealed blood to the end of the severed finger I added a spoonful of pomegranate seeds (Pomegranates are 5 for $5 at Meijers right now...So we've been enjoying them a lot) 

Also on the plate...

Cut a pretzel rod in half.  Put a big glob of humus on the broken end (I originally saw these using cream cheese but I didn't have any and humus is my go-to "food glue").  Add shredded carrots to the humus and set, standing up, on your plate.

The Cous-Cous was then topped with some Nutritional Yeast and left over shredded carrots...


As a final, late night snack I made up a 


Into the bowl went...
Plain Popcorn sprinkled with Nutritional Yeast (yes, Kai and I both LOVE the stuff so I add it to everything, lol!)
Apple Chips (I made using our dehydrator but you can also use an oven set at it's lowest temperature)

Only one more day until Halloween.  I don't know what I'm going to do...
I can't go back to boring old plated meals! :)

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