Monday, October 17, 2011

The Birthday

Ok, things should be getting back to normal now that the partying is done. :)

This may be a long-ish post but there was a lot to Kai's Birthday.

Before school I made her Birthday Pancakes....

Birthday Pancakes
1/3 C Oatmeal
1/3 C Cottage Cheese
1 Egg
1/4 t Baking Soda
1/4 t Baking Powder
Splash of Almond Milk

Blend all the ingredients & grill 'em up in a skillet or on a griddle.
Top with some Ricemellow, sprinkles, bananas and strawberries...
And a Birthday Candle of course!

At school Kai got to wear a birthday crown!  And of course she had the Rainbow Muffins to eat.

Then she came home to this...

A birthday streamer obstacle course down the hallway.  This was such a blast.  She kept "forgetting" things and would have to go back through it.

Then came lunch...

Yep, that's some White Bean-Tomato Soup and a Birthday Jelly Sandwich.  
It's amazing to see the transformative power of a birthday candle!!

Once Daddy got home the plan was to go to an apple orchard.  

Instead we went to The Indy Children's Museum.  Kai loves this place...even if we have already been countless times.  She had fun so we were happy. :)

Dinner was a Noodles & Company, where she got the Mac & Cheese, the Hubs got Shrimp & Butter Noodles, and I got Pasta Fresca with Tofu & a Berry Spinach Salad.  

After dinner was a store bought cake.  lol!

We went by Target and Kai got to pick her favorite...

Go figure, she picked the Princess Crown!

And then she got her main present...

A Big Girl Bike!!!

So far the bike has been a BIG hit. :D

So that was her actual BirthDAY but Saturday was her party.  Her My Little Pony Party!

It was just our family and she was super excited.  She helped us get the balloons ready...
(You can buy a helium tank with balloons at Target
for just $20.  It totally makes a party!)
The weather was PERFECT for outside festivities so we decorated the backyard.

Before the "games" Kai hung out with her Granny some...

 Everyone knows My Little Ponies LOVE rainbows...

Strawberries, Oranges, Mango, Kiwi, Blue Berry & Grapes
And the kids had to get their Cutie Marks (Kudos to face's harder than it looks, lol)

Kai wanted a Rainbow. :)
 Then it was time for the Pinky Pie Pinata.  I'm not sure when the last time you were around a pinata was, but you no longer beat them...You pull the string and hope it's the one that will rip out it's guts...

Maybe this string...

Look at all the goodies...
Horse Silly Bands, Balls, Confetti, & suckers
 Of course everyone know's that Ponies LOVE Apples.  Since ponies don't have hands I hung some apples from a tree and told the kids they had to catch them without using their hands...

Papa shows the kids how it's done!

Ummm, we have some cheaters here!
Kai's got it figured out. :)
And then it was time for cake!!

I had originally planned to use my uncle's cake recipe but time ran short so I bought a box of Angel Food cake mix with the intention of making Angel Food Cupcakes, ala HERE.

I got to looking and the recipe said it makes 12 cupcakes.  The box said 12 servings.  I decided I should make 24 so I sent the Hubs out to get one more box.

FUN FACT:  1 Box of cake mix makes WAY more than 12 cupcakes. 

First of all, I mixed both boxes at once.  I have no picture of the science experiment gone wrong because I was sort freaking out.  Angel Food mix swells to about triple its size when mixed with water (perhaps that should be noted on the box!).  I was able to keep it contained...barely.

Second, two boxes = 18 silicone heart cupcakes, 36 normal sized cupcakes with paper liners, 1 normal sized silicone loaf pan AND 18 mini-cupcakes!!!  I was scrambling to find things to pour the damn batter in!!!

Finally, I finished baking all the pans and I have to say, Paper Liners do not work well.  The silicone was great but the cake stuck to the paper ones. :(

So basically this year's cake adventures were HUGE duds.  Oh well, 4 year olds don't really have THAT discerning of a pallet.

Topped with pink-dyed Ricemellow, Strawberries, Blue Berries & Sprinkles
.... all chosen by Kai. :)

Attempt #2
...The first time we finished "Happy Birthday" her
little cousin's beater her to blowing out the candles.
You have to move fast when the boys are around. lol!

I'll have another!
She opened her gifts...
Gotta' make sure you don't miss anything!
Then there was some bounce time...

And some play time.... 

Finally we wrapped the evening up with Chili (meaty & vegetarian), A veggie tray with humus dips, a cheese & cracker tray, and...


All in all, it was a good year to turn 4.

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