Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Backyard Discoveries

Yep, we started the morning off with some Monster Cakes. :)  We were actually running late so my original intention was to make stick like pancakes, instead of round, with the idea that Kai could dip & eat them quickly.  Obviously that didn't work so we took the funny shapes and made faces with them.  Kai was laughing so hard at the funny shaped pancakes I thought she was going to fall over!  Good times!!

Even with the monster face creating and eating we left on time for school - no clue how that happened!

I got home and got some work done and then went outside to see if there were any tomatoes I could get to before Frodo.  I swear, he's so sneaky at eating my tomatoes!!  Grrrrr

Upon heading outside I discovered 2 things....

First - Someone had been busy last night....
I'll call her Charlotte
Charlotte and I came to an agreement that she can have that side of the deck and I'll stay on my side and neither of us with bother the other. :D

My second discovery was this...

A Black Bell Pepper?

I planted a few Bell Pepper seeds in the spring and nothing came of them.  Then a few weeks ago it seemed like something was growing.  Today I saw the bell pepper.  I picked it then headed inside to make sure this really was a black bell pepper and not some mutated pepper that I should avoid at all costs.  Seriously, I've never seen a black bell before.  I guess the little hole I live in is starting to grow. :)

Sure enough, black bell peppers do exist.  I was very excited to cut this one up and try it out.  You know what?  It was AWFUL!!  I'm not sure if it's the type of pepper, if I picked it too soon or if it's because it took two seasons to grow and now it's cold out, but it was just terrible.  The whole thing went into the compost.  Perhaps it will do some good for next year's peppers. :)

After all those discoveries by 1:30 I was famished....Ok, it may have been because we were about 2 hours late for lunch.  Mostly we were delaying because I didn't know what to make.  I wanted an omelet but I've never actually made one before.  I've seen the Hubs make them though, so they can't be THAT hard, lol!

Into a pan went 3 eggs and some milk all whisked together (using my new pink whisk, tee-hee).  While that started to set I chopped up some spinach, green onion, mushroom, bell pepper and tomato.  

Then I sprinkled them all on top along with some cheese. 

Lookin' Good
Then I went to fold it in half.  

Ummm, at this point something went terribly wrong.  It did not fold.  It sorta scrambled.  So I went with that and changed our menu from an omelet to scrambled eggs.  :D

 Kai and I both enjoyed our scrambled eggs immensely!

For dinner Kai wanted pancakes.  I think the fun of the morning was a bit addictive.  BUT I try not to serve the same thing more than once in a day.  Jelly Sandwiches will slip through every so often, as well as an apple, but for the most part we don't eat the same, exact thing every meal.

Now I can explain my rule until my face turns blue and Kai will still want pancakes.  

I decided to compromise....

1 Onion
2 Celery Sticks
1 1/2 C Baby Carrots (approximately)
3 Petite Potatoes (or 1 regular size)
2 Eggs
1/4 C Ground Flax Seed
1/4 C Panko Crumbs

Heat some Olive Oil in a skillet on Med.
Pre-heat the oven to 450°
Using your favorite method (I use a food processor) shread the onion, celery, carrots & potatoes.
Stir in the eggs, flax seed and bread crumbs.
Form patties using your hand and cook in the skillet, flipping after 3-4 minutes so that each side is browned. 
Put your patties on a cookie sheet and place in the oven while you work on your next batch.
  - I browned 4 patties at a time and did them all in 3 batches
Pull them out of the oven about 10 minutes after the last batch went in.
Serve with Greek yogurt, hummus, avocado and/or bell peppers.

All mixed and ready to patty up.

Out of the oven...Yes, I burned some but they all tasted good.
Our Fancy Presentation!

Kai's reaction when I told her these were our Carrot Pancakes?... "Those don't look like pancakes!"  True enough, but she had to taste one and she liked them.  Not as much as the avocado that she suddenly LOVES!!  Seriously, she used to turn her nose up to it and now all of a sudden she eats her's and then trys to steal mine.  Kids!!

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