Saturday, February 18, 2012

Busy Days

What an eventful couple of days it's been.   I drove up and worked in the office, Kai came home from school early because she wasn't feeling well, we went to a Pacers' game, Kai was home today for "winter break" and then we went to see another movie in 3D; plus I have a pile of work to do and I'm trying to get caught up on Walking Dead so that the Hubs and I can start watching new episodes together.  Is it any wonder I'm just now getting a chance to write this?

Thursday's breakfast was REALLY quick, a combination of smoothies and eggs (served separately).

The smoothie was frozen banana, strawberries, peaches, spinach, oatmeal, flax seeds, chia seeds and almond milk.  I was hoping Kai wouldn't finish hers so that I'd have some more, but of course, she did.

The eggs were nuked in silicone cups then I added nutritional yeast and salsa.  Stove top scrambled eggs are still slightly tastier (fluffier) but at only a minute and no clean up it's hard to beat the microwave!

After breakfast I dropped Kai off at school and headed to hour away.  Then at 9:30 I got a call that she wasn't feeling well and they took her temp and it was at 99.  My mom had planned to pick her up anyway so she just got her a little early.  Some Children's Ibuprofen and some time with Grammy had her feeling back to normal by the time the Hubs picked her up.

While that was going on I met up with the girls at the Pizza Hut Buffet.  I started out with a salad and a slice of green pepper & onion and a slice of cheese.

The I got another salad and slice of pizza.

Then one more salad and a cinnamon stick for dessert.

I have no self control at buffets. :)

All that food left me stuffed and I didn't eat again until I got home.  A super quick soup was the perfect dinner since we were leaving for the Pacer game soon after I got home.

In a pan I sauteed some onion then added a jar of mushrooms, frozen carrots, pre-cooked white beans, some veggie broth and a bit of red wine.

Did I say a jar of mushrooms?  Yes I did.  There were 2 jars in the food basket from the auction. :)

Finally it was time to leave for the game.  The Hubs and I debated whether or not Kai should go since she had come home early from school but her temperature was back to normal by lunch time and all signs of her not feeling well were long gone.  In the end we decided that what ever it was had run its course.   All through the first 3 quarters she was jazzed up.  She cheered, was amazed at Boomer's tricks, had no interest at all during the actual game but was happy none the less.  She made eye contact with the cotton candy man and he hovered in our area for most of the game but other than that things went well.  In the fourth quarter she started to get tired and wound up spending most of the time zipped up in my coat trying to get comfortable.

We never did get her the cotton candy, or the snow cone, but we did get a bottom less tub of popcorn and a soft pretzel.  Next time I think we'll just stick to the regular tub though.  Even with all three of us eating the popcorn we only ate a little over one tub and I EASILY could should have eaten less. :)

As I said earlier, today (Friday) Kai didn't have school so rather than getting up and making real breakfasts we pretty much grazed.  Kai had apple sauce and a grape AND strawberry jelly sandwich.  I cut up a Grapefruit and then nibbled on dried fruits.  I really didn't eat much at all...I'm assuming that the massive amount of popcorn from the Pacer Game was still keeping me full. lol!

When lunch time rolled around I decided I HAD to eat something substantial but nothing sounded particularly good.  So into a hot pan went some red onion, some brussels sprouts, red cabbage and some kale...I was basically cleaning out the veggie drawer. :)

The colors looked so pretty!!  Once it was cooked up I put it in a bowl and topped it with some nutritional yeast, sunflower seeds and sweet pepper.  Seriously, having a meal with rich colors like that just makes me feel healthy!

A while after lunch Kai and I split a Pumpkin Smoothie - Small can of pumpkin with a frozen banana, cinnamon, nutmeg and almond milk.  Super simple but super tasty.  Then we got in the Hot Tub for a bit of play time.  It's that perfect Hot Tub temperature outside...when it's cold so you enjoy the hot water but not so cold that your ears freeze.  :)

After the Hubs got home we headed out to see a movie.  Actually we headed out to drop Kai off at the in-laws so we could go see a movie.  They were running late so dinner was fast food...Q'doba.  I decided to try something new, a Veggie Burrito.  I thought it came with the veggies but apparently they costed extra. :(  I think next time I'll stick with the pick 2 and get the Naked Taco Salad and 2 Veggie Tacos.  :)

Then we went to see our movie.  If you're a Star Wars fan you may want to stop reading now because this will probably piss you off.  We were seeing my FAVORITE of the Star Wars movies...The Phantom Menace, in 3D.  Not my favorite of the prequels but my favorite of all of them...First it has Liam Neeson (and really, it doesn't need more than that), second it has the pod race, third it has my favorite of the Star Wars music.  When the doors open and the music starts and you see Darth Maul, it's pretty cool.  When Phantom Menace came out they actually released a video game for it also.  I loved that game.  There weren't many Play Station games I played but that was definitely one of them.  BUT I guess I was the only one who liked that game. :(  Story of my life.

So anyway we saw the movie in 3D.  Honestly, the best part of the 3D is the opening credits when you see the text scrolling.  I'm sure others are more impressed by the 3D but I spend most of the time peeking to see what it looks like without the glasses on...well, except when Liam Neeson was on screen.  :)

Oh, and just to be clear, I find Jar Jar Binks and kid-Anakin both to be really annoying, just not enough to displace it from my favorite Star Wars movie.

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