Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'm dying!  

Ok, not really  It's actually not bad at all, but I told you I'm a big baby with a cold.  I've blown my nose 80 time in the last 24 hours.  How do I know?  Because I've gone through an entire box of tissues.  Thank God for Vaseline.  I put a dab on my nose to keep it from getting chapped and it always works wonders. :)  

I'm basically just congested but last night I gave in and took a Wal-Phed PE.  I haven't taken one yet today but I'm feeling human so maybe the worst of it is over. (Fingers Crossed)

The good-ish news is that yesterday was Ash Wednesday which meant it was a day of fasting. No eating meant I didn't have to think about what to eat and try and get photos of it.   I'm not sure how Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights because by 3:00 I was a goner.  Actually it was around then that I decided I had a medical condition (a cold) and needed some Vitamin C so I helped myself to a Grapefruit.  It may or may not have been a cheat, but I really needed something. :)

The basic rule for fasting is that you have a small breakfast and a small lunch (that would add up to less than a normal meal) and then a reasonable dinner.

Breakfast was 1/2 a banana (the other half went on Kai's cereal) and a large spoonful of Almond Butter.

Lunch was mixed veggies and left over rice with Nutritional Yeast and a splash of Tamari Sauce.  (Kai had a jelly sandwich with veggies and an apple)

I already told you about the "cheat" Grapefruit.  Then for dinner I made myself a nacho salad using the Jalapeno chips that were in the auction basket (yep, there's still stuff coming out of that!)

It was a pretty straight forward plate...chips topped with a LOT of spinach, Salsa, Black Beans, Left over rice, sweet peppers, tomato, avocado and nutritional yeast.

Kai and the Hubs had baked-from-frozen fish.  There were only 3 left in the bag and I don't like them anyway so I had no problem cooking the fish up for them while I had my salad.  In addition to the fish they both had rice (the hubs sprinkles his with sugar??) and Kai had a salad similar to mine (without the chips).

I also gave the Hubs some chips to try and he really liked them.  The fact that they're spicier than the Tostitos Jalapeno flavor appealed to him. :)

After dinner we each had a slice of left over King Cake, then I sat on the couch and played Soduku on my phone while I watched reruns of Friends and Big Bang Theory...And blew my nose, over, and over, and over again!

As for my Lenten promise, Kai, Frodo and I invited my dad and their dog MacDuff for a walk.  Fresh air and family... Perfect!


  1. What is nutritional yeast and what does it taste like?

    1. It's a deactivated yeast (doesn't rise/not for baking) that's full of protein and B Vitamins (which are found in meats but not veggies. Most Vegans say it tastes like cheese, but I think that's only if you don't eat cheese, lol! It does have a nutty like taste...hard to describe. It looks flakey (like fish food) and the first time I smelled it I thought it had gone bad...It's a very distinctive smell but sprinkle it on your foods a few time and I bet you'll be completely hooked. I can't get enough of the is probably obvious. :)