Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Loves...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Are you in Love?

Some of my loves...

My Hubs!!!

My Little Monster!!

My Nieces...

And Nephews!!!
....my parents, and in-laws, and friends, and extended family, and you guys, of course!!

How did you start your Valentine's Day?

We had Egg Cups, Whole Grain Toast and Strawberries...

You've probably seen my silicone heart cups on here before.  This morning I used them by cracking an egg into one and nuked it for about 45 seconds so that the egg cooked.  (NOTE:  if you hear a "pop" and it flips over then it's definitely done...not that I would know that).  Then I topped my cup with some home made salsa...YUM!!

On the side, I made toast and sprinkled it with some flax, nutritional yeast, and strawberry jam with Chia Seeds.
A Heart Shaped cookie cutter added a little holiday flair.
And nothing says Valentines Day like strawberries.

Kai opted out of the salsa. :)
Yesterday's Lunch Dessert/Afternoon Snack was also very festive!!!  Fruit Nachos!

I've seen these floating around on-line for a while now and decided that they would be so much fun.

I love it when I'm right!!

To make them I sliced Apples, Pears and strawberries and layered them all on plates.  Then I topped it with some homemade chocolate sauce.  Mine was topped with some Pumpkin Seeds (from the food basket I won at the auction) and Kai topped hers with some Whole-Grain Cheerios.

As for yesterday's lunch....Well, It all started with the Slice-O-Matic.  I wanted to make SOMETHING so I started by quickly slicing some Sweet Potato Fries.  

Then I added some Drained & Rinsed Chickpeas and a few Brussels Sprouts.

Roasted at 450° and then put on a bed of Kale Chips & Nutritional Yeast.

Only Kai's were kept separate.  She doesn't like her food "piled".

Well, unless there's fruit and chocolate involved.  She had no problem eating the fruit nachos!

As for the rest of the day...I'm planing to join Kai's class later this morning for their party.  And then we'll be stopping by Grammy and Grandpa's to give them their Valentine's Card from Kai (we saw Nana & Papa last night).  Dinner is a complete mystery to me...not because the Hubs has secret plans but because I just don't have any idea what to do.  Last year I made pizza in the shape of a heart.  

I want to do something else this year... but what???

Any ideas???

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