Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lady Bugs

Ahh, what a productive day I've had!  I finished reading The Tiger's Wife, I got caught up on work enough that I'm not dreading Monday, we did our grocery shopping, and I've finished watching all the Walking Dead episodes that I needed to watch to get caught up with the Hubs...and it's only 3:30!  I think I'm ready for a break. :)

For breakfast yesterday we decided to be Ladies.  

OK, not really.  

We decided to eat lady bugs. 

Well, we decided to eat APPLE lady bugs...

After seeing these on line I knew they'd fit right in on our plates. :)

But instead of using icing and chocolate chips I mixed a little Cinnamon Honey with some Carob/Cocoa powder to hold the "wings" on and to add the dots. 

Honey + Carob Powder = frosting substitute. :)

Along with the Lady Bug Kai had a Jelly Sandwich (of course!)

Multi Grain Bread topped with Jelly, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds and Nutritional Yeast
Also for breakfast I made us some chips!  My mom watches Dr. Oz and he promoted "TopChips" which is basically just a microwavable plate with holes in it.  When my mom told me how much she loved it I was a little skeptical because I've had similar plates before that didn't work at all.  Then I tasted one of her Sweet Potato Chips...and then Kai and I ate ALL her chips.  OMG, this thing really, REALLY worked!!

So I got one too!!

Using my SliceOMatic I sliced up a potato...

Set it on the plate...

And Nuked it for about 5 minutes (The box said it takes 3 but I say it takes closer to 5-7 minutes)

All cooked up!!

I have a bad feeling we're going to go through a LOT of potatoes/sweet potatoes in the next few weeks. :D

After breakfast we got ready to go to Rockville to help install Great Granny's new TV.  Her old one died so she now has a fancy flat panel, HD TV.  Since I don't really eat meat I thought it would be best to just pack my own lunch.  If I had been thinking I'd have made a BIGGER salad to share, but I wasn't thinking of anyone but myself. :(

I started with a protein...Quinoa

Which I flavored with a bit of Tamari Sauce and a shake of Liquid Smoke.

Then I topped a bed of spinach with the flavored Quinoa, Tomatoes, Avocado, Red Onion, Nutritional Yeast, Pine Nuts, Sunflower Seeds and some Green Onion.

We decided on our way home (after passing 2 Skunks who lost their battle with cars..the Hub's car still smells nearly 24 hours later!!) that we'd just drop into Moe's rather than making dinner.  It was getting late and we were low on groceries, plus the Hubs still needed to run into Menards to get a key made.

I got a Rupert again (veggie nachos)...with no extra charge for the veggies.  They actually made mine twice because the first one was made and then the person added Queso, which I don't like.  They were REALLY nice and made me a new bowl...then gave the Hub's what would have been my queso on his burrito for free.  Yep, right now Moe's has officially trumped Q'doba as my favorite fast-food Mexican themed restaurant. :D

Mmmmm, nachos topped with black beans, rice, green pepper and onion, corn salsa, pico, lettuce, and cucumber.  Plus SEVERAL trips to the salsa bar.  They didn't have the black bean salsa any more (sad) but they always have the Keyser Soze and the new Smoked flavor was pretty good too. :)

Now I think I'll start picking up the house while I enjoy another Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. :)

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