Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizza Balls & Dinner for 2-ish

Quinoa Pizza Balls.  How can you not find that intriguing??

When I saw it on Happy Healthy Mama I tagged it as a recipe to try and yesterday was the day.

I cut the recipe in half, added sweet peppers, white beans instead of kidney, and used my own spices that I had on hand (ie basil, majoram, oregano).  Then I put the pizza balls on a bed of spinach topped with some red onion, more sweet peppers and a drizzle of olive reinforce the pizza flavor.  The results?  I don't know if the pizza flavor it strong but they were very tasty. :)

And then for dessert, a little parfait. :)

Frozen Banana, Chopped Pecans, almond milk - blended until smooth and soft-serve-ish.
Topped with some warmed mix berries from the freezer.
Topped again with some Coconut Whip (can of coconut milk + whipper = coconut whip for days!).
And a final topping of Pumpkin Seeds.

For dinner we had Tortilla Soup.

One of the questions I get the most is how do I make dinner for the whole family when I eat plant based and the hubs eats like T-Rex.  Well this soup is a perfect example of how I do what I do. :)

1.  Chop 1 onion (I'd discovered that just dropping it in the food processor and pulsing is so much easier than chopping by hand!)

2.  Saute the onion and a bit of minced garlic.

3. Add all the "shared" ingredients... 1 Can Diced Tomatoes, 1 Can Diced Tomatoes with Chili, Veggie Broth, Frozen Corn, Spices (Chili Powder & Paprika).  Let simmer.

4.  Divide the soup.  I simply ladled half of it into another pot. :)

5.  Add your individual proteins & let simmer some more.

The hubs had shredded chicken from the freezer....

I added black beans and chopped zucchini....

6. Serve with your favorite toppings.

I had the Veggie soup with a dollop of Greek Yogurt, Avocado, and Nutritional Yeast.

Kai had the Chicken soup (she's decided she doesn't like black beans this week) with zucchini added to it, plus more-than-a-dollop of yogurt, avocado and nutritional yeast...and eventually some shredded cheddar.

The Hubs topped his with shredded Cheddar.

Oh, and we all had some Green Onion.  It's still thriving on my window sill. :D

Then we all had some Tortilla Chips with the soup.  I noticed that I've been eating tortilla chips like they're going out of style so I'm trying to watch myself around them.  I could eat an entire bag in one sitting if allowed.  :)

And then for dessert I opened a can of pumpkin and pureed it with ice, a LOT of cinnamon, nutmeg and a drizzle of Maple Syrup.  Then I topped it with some coconut whip and a SMALL drizzle of Agave Nectar. :)

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