Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Refreshing Salad

So did everyone have a nice valentine's day?  The Hubs is one lucky man...while he got Kai ready for bed I fell asleep on the couch.  I was out cold!  7:30 and I was a goner.  lol!!  So how did he spend his Valentine's evening?  Watching Mallrats & Clerks. lol!!

But it turns out that my early bed time was a blessing.  At 10 I woke up and got ready for bed.  Then I heard Kai coughing.  I'm not sure what it is, but every so often Kai gets a terrible cough at night.  She doesn't have it during the day, there's no fever or anything else, but it's a scary sounding cough in the middle of the night.  I grabbed her and we sat in a steamy bathroom until it eased up and then she and I "slept" on the couch.  The problem with this cough is that it's best to sleep sitting up but it's hard to get there's a LOT of fidgeting.  Eventually we both fell asleep but I woke several times to check on her.  Now she's right as rain again.  :)

Lunch yesterday was a delicious salad....  

A bed of spinach, edamame, red peppers, strawberries, chopped apple and a "salad topping" from the food basket I got at the auction.

A salad topping of Cranberries & Glazed Walnuts.  I would never have bought this on my own (too much unnecessary sugar), but it was a very nice addition to the salad.

Kai got quite a bit of candy from her classmates.  So after lunch she had a sucker and some m&ms.  Then a rice crispy treat.  She also got a few tattoos, pencils, a little slinky and a dinosaur eraser!  Seriously, she made out like a bandit.

The rest of the "treats" have been bagged for daddy to take to work. :)

As for dinner, we decided on Chinese take out.  It's quick, cheep, requires no clean-up and there are no crowds. :)  This time I ordered the Mixed Vegetables and I'm happy to say I found my go-to meal. :D

It was SO GOOD.  Unfortunately I did not take a single photo.  :(

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