Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I want to make my own bread.  I really think I could do it too.  I can make my own yogurt (although I haven't lately because we weren't eating it as much.  Now that Kai's back on a yogurt kick I may start up again.  I wonder if yogurt is a "spring/summer" food?  hmmmm).  I REALLY think I could make our bread.  All I have to do is get it past the Hubs.  He really doesn't eat much bread at home anyway so it shouldn't be a problem...except that I've already messed with the Peanut Butter (he's an Original Jiff guy through-and-through although he's "Trying" the Natural Jiff.)  The only ingredient I want to see in my nutbutter is the nut itself so I tend to buy the Archer's Farm brand (ie. Target Brand) and I've messed with his Jelly (He likes Welches but if I buy Jelly it's got to be 100% fruit...no added sugar or unpronounceable additives).  [wow, any grammar people out there going nuts right now about that last sentence??) 

So anyway, that's what's on my mind right now.   Well that and my excitement at having cleaned out & rearranged our bedroom closet today.  I pulled out all my old clothes that I haven't worn and any that didn't fit and then literally switched closets with the Hubs.  Our bedroom has 2 small closets in it...1.25 of them are mine and the other 3/4 is the Hubs.  The problem is that when he gets ready in the morning the light from his closet hits me square in the faced so now (hopefully) that shouldn't happen.  And if this new arrangement is too much for him to handle I can switch it back...but for now, I'm loving it. :)

Ok, yesterday's meals were lame.  Lunch was left over yogurt, fruit, roasted cabbage/brussels sprouts/okra, and what ever else we found floating around.  It was not a sit down meal...it was a graze.  No pictures were taken.  But hey, that happens.

Dinner was left over soup.  I still didn't take a picture but in case you forgot what it looked like, here you go....

Since I don't have much to talk about meal-wise I thought I'd go over some of my most often asked questions.

1.  What is Nutritional Yeast?  What does it taste like?  Where do you buy it? etc...

It's a deactivated yeast (doesn't rise/not for baking) that's full of protein and B Vitamins (which are found in meats but not veggies).   It's a GREAT additive for more nutrition, taste and texture.

Most Vegans say it tastes like cheese, but I think that's only if you don't eat cheese, lol! It does have a nutty like taste...hard to describe. It looks flakey (like fish food) and the first time I smelled it I thought it had gone bad...It's a very distinctive smell but sprinkle it on your foods a few time and I bet you'll be completely hooked. I can't get enough of the stuff...as is probably obvious. :)

I buy mine at Georgetown Market which is a local store that sells "heath foods".  I spend $6.29/lb and find that lasts me a good long while...especially considering how much I add it to my foods.

2.  How exactly do you make up your oatmeal and decide what to put on it?

My basic bowl of oatmeal starts out with 1/3C Rolled/Old-Fashion Oats, 1/3 C Almond Milk and 1/3 C Water mixed in a bowl and nuked for 2 minutes (our microwave is low wattage/old so it takes longer than most).

My toppings almost always include Cinnamon, Chia Seeds and Ground Flax Seeds.

Then I add the "Fancy" stuff based entirely on what I have in my fridge.  

Raisins, Frozen Apples/Peaches/Pears, Frozen Cranberries, Pomegranate, Berries, Pumpkin Seeds, etc...
And of course whipped coconut milk when I have some on hand...I LOVE that stuff. :)

3.  What are Chia Seeds????

Chia Seeds are a Super Food (in fact if you look close enough you'll see they each wear a little red cape).  The chia seed is an excellent source of fiber, packed with antioxidants, full of protein, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and the richest known plant source of omega-3.  And what makes them so much fun is the gel-like consistency they form when soaked in water.  They've become quite popular lately and I've been told that even Walgreen's carries them (although I haven't seen it).


4.  Does your Husband eat like you?  Do you have to make 2 dinners?

The Hubs definitely does not eat like me.  He is a meat and potatoes guy and thinks that "organic" is a gimmick that makes food cost more.  While we don't see eye to eye on what we eat we do agree to (for the most part) let the other eat what they like.  Kai falls in the middle.  She eats what I make for her for breakfast and lunch and then dinner is usually a combo of our meals.  The rub is that I make dinner so it's always going to have a "healthy" twist to it. :)

What works for us is that the Hubs will make up a dinner "menu" every two weeks of what he'd like.  It's in no way set in stone but it really helps when we do our grocery shopping and insures he gets something he likes for dinner.  Especially since most of the meats need to defrost in the fridge, having a menu to look at lets me know, with plenty of time, what needs to come out of the freezer.

As for our meals.  For the most part I make 1 meal and then "accessorize" it differently.  We eat a lot of nachos or pizzas with personalized toppings.  Or I'll make a soup and divide it into a Meaty version & a Veggie version.  There are times when I'll make two meals but if that happens then one of them is a throw-together...Like a quick salad, or pulled chicken (from the freezer) with bbq sauce as a sandwich.

5.  Do you work out?
I really want to say yes.  I want to be one of those bloggers who goes for "an easy/refreshing 5 mile run" but I'm not.  I have to push myself to do 30 minutes!  I used to take a Step Class once a week with my BBF's sister but I haven't done that in months.  Now, I'm by no means a couch potato.  I feel like I'm constantly up and moving (thanks in large part to Kai) but I don't do a lot of structured exercising any more.  That's why I'm doing at least 30 minutes of something a day for lent.  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL so taking Kai and Frodo for walks has been my go-to, along with 30 minutes of Yoga when I can't get outside.  I used to be a Pilate's girl (and still love it) but Yoga is my new love.  I just feel fancy when I'm doing it...like I'm a movie star or something. lol!

Those are the questions I get most often.  Let me know if you have any others and I'll see what I can do to get you answers.  :)

** Oh, and just so no one looks the fool...I was only kidding about Chia Seeds wearing capes.  Don't go looking at them with microscopes!  You start telling people you're looking for capes on your food and you'll lose all credibility. :)

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