Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Guess what's $5 for 3 1lb boxes at Meijer right now???  STRAWBERRIES!!!

That's right, I now have 3lbs of strawberries...and sadly I don't expect them to make it through the weekend.  Ok, I'm not really sad about that.  I love strawberries.

True Story:  When I was little I had to have surgery.  The doctors told my mom I couldn't have anything after midnight so at 11:30 my mom told me I could eat anything I wanted.  I ate a pint of strawberries. :)

Speaking of strawberries, we had strawberry jam on our toast this morning (nice segue, huh?  Yeah, I've been working on that.)

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, CA Veggie Mix and Nutritional Yeast with a side of toast slices topped with the strawberry jam and some chia seeds.

After school Kai and I went to the library where I got The Tiger's Wife, as recommended by Amazon.  While Kai played on a computer I noticed that they had Disney's Hercules on DVD.  Hello Pegasus!  Flying Horse in a sing-song Disney movie...why didn't I think of this before. :)

After that we went to Meijer where I discovered the $5 strawberries!!!  We bought other groceries too but really the strawberries were the highlight.

When we got home Kai dug into a cup of Vanilla Chobani Yogurt while I put the groceries away.  Then I made us each a nacho salad...Spinach, Sweet Pepper, Avocado, White Beans, Corn, salsa and Nutritional Yeast, all on top of some delicious tortilla chips. :)

Then I got to the strawberries.

Step one when buying any berry is to swirl it in a mix of (approximately) 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar.  That will kill any bacteria/spores and keep them from going bad. :)

Then I drained them and set them out to dry.  About a third I put in the freezer and the rest went into a green bag for Valentine's treats. 

A classic loving treat is chocolate covered strawberries so I thought I'd make a batch.

I already had the strawberries so all I needed was some chocolate.

Inspired by Katie's Chocolate Bar:
1 T Coconut Butter (melted in the microwave)
1 T Agave Nectar
2 T Carob Powder (or cocoa)
--- whisk it all together then dip the strawberries and pop them into the fridge.

Ooooh, so fancy!
Dinner was my favorite eat-out meal....
A half & half plate of  B&B (black beans and carmelized corn) Succotash from Yats, followed by a walk down the block for some YoguLatte yogurt (which was eaten too fast to photograph)

Kai ate all the bread but refused to eat any of the actual meal.  She did go for the yogurt...the girl's not crazy! So once we got home I made her a bowl of CA Mix Veggies with Edamame.  Then we ate the last 4 chocolate covered strawberries.  :)

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  1. I love strawberries, too! I didn't know the trick about water and vinegar - definitely going to try that one soon.