Saturday, February 4, 2012

Getting Crafty

Yesterday was my crafty day. :)

I decided to paint my pantry door.  It was a faux wood looking door and I've always thought it would look better painted.  I didn't take a "before" photo but it looked very much like this other door in our kitchen...

First I primed the door with 3 coats of white primer.  I know 3 is a lot but I wanted to be sure I had a good base since this door gets used a lot.

Actually first I cleaned the door & removed the door knob. I was a little shocked and a bit disgusted at how dirty the door actually was.  Probably in the next week or so I'll be cleaning ALL the doors in our house. :)

1 coat of primer.
Then I added a coat of paint.  Since the paint was the same color as the primer I think one coat should be fine.  Fingers crossed I'm right. :)

Then I put the door knob back on and got to the fun part!

I taped off a rectangle in the center.

Added some white paint on the tape to keep anything from bleeding under it.

Got out my Chalk Board paint I had from this project.

And added 4 coats of it to the center rectangle. :D

I'm going to let it dry another full day before using any chalk on it but I'm so happy to have a new door.  I also want to buy some trim so I can "frame out" the chalk board area.  :)

Yesterday I also went to the store to get some more Chia Seeds before I run out, and I wanted to get some Agar-Agar, but that was too expensive.  It was $10 for a little bag which may be a good deal but I didn't have an extra $10 to spend. :)

While there I did see these Coconut waters.  2 for $2.50.

First I tried the Lychee flavored one...In my new mood cup (Hey, when you work for a promotional products company you get a lot of fun "stuff" to try at home).  This cup changes color in the sun so I set it in the window to put it into action (the blue cup turned purple).  I still like the ones that change color when cold liquid is added better.  Who wants to set their drink out in the sun?  But I digress...

The coconut water was cloudy which didn't really appeal to Kai.  She tried a sip of it and proudly declared she didn't like coconut and wanted apple juice instead.

As a side note, we ALWAYS water down her "juice" 1 part juice to 1 part water.  If I don't she starts buzzing around the house.  And we call all the juices Apple although they're usually Cranberry Pomegranate or something like that. :)

And did you notice what was next to my cup?  Those are my Green Onions that I'm growing!!!

I saw on line that you could drop the bottom root clipping into a small jar of water and regrow your green onion indefinitely.  This is after about a week of growing.  It may be my most successful planting to date!  The only thing I do is dump out & re-fill the water once a day or so...sometimes I forget but so far missing a day hasn't had a negative effect on it.

OK, on to my eats.  I'm a little embarrassed about my breakfast yesterday, but, what the hell...

Yep, left over popcorn with raisins, kale chips, beet chips, sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast.

and a little later I had a pear. :)

Lunch was left over beans from the other day.  UMMMM, so good!!

When the Hubs got home from work we decided to get dinner then do our grocery shopping.  We wanted to try some place new (new to us) and decided to eat at Romano's Macaroni Grill.

We started off with some bread dipped in Olive Oil.

Kai had a little fun with her bread.

Don't worry, we promptly told her to stop playing with her food (well, after I took a photo, of course).

The tables were covered in paper and she got to pick out some crayons when we got there so she was perfectly happy to color.

Finally we ordered our meals.  I got Eggplant Quadratini (roasted eggplant, basil, tomato, ricotta salata, red chile) for Kai and I to split.  The Hubs got Lobster Ravioli (lobster-stuffed, chardonnay cream sauce).

Neither of us were impressed with our meals at all.  First they were really expensive (I didn't realize how pricey this place was).  Second,  If you're going to put Eggplant in the name it needs to have more than 3 pieces of eggplant in it!  It did have a lot of roasted cherry tomatoes which were SO GOOD but I expected more than a handful of tomatoes.  Plus I started to feel sick half way through the meal.  The only thing I can figure is that there was something in the bread that didn't agree with me.  Even though I only had half a slice it's the ONLY thing I had really eaten. :(

The Hubs was equally disappointed with his ravioli.   He said the ravioli was pretty much empty, the sauce was more watery (as opposed to creamy) than he expected, and there was just a small sprinkling of lobster on top.

I'm confident that we will NOT be returning.

To end out the meal the Hubs and Kai split a slice of Cheese Cake.  I tried a small bite (I still wasn't feeling good and was worried about keeping my food down...and I really was sick, I promise I'm not pregnant...I know there's a handful of you who immediately jump to that every time I feel a little under the weather, lol!)

I said the cake was very decadent.  Kai added "and Yummy!".  Then she went on and on about how much she LOVED the restaurant.  Sorry Kai, but it's going to take more than just one slice of cheese cake to save this meal!

After eating out I got dropped off at home and then the Hubs and Kai went to the grocery store.  I spent a few minutes in the Hot Tub (Best Purchase Ever...Definitely worth saving up for!!) which really helped and then put on my PJs and got into bed.  This morning I'm feeling MUCH better and will probably be headed over to Meijer very soon to get myself some Tempeh.  The Hubs is planning to have Wings during the big game and I thought I'd cook up some Teriyaki Tempeh as a vegetarian substitute.  Unfortunately I've only ever found it at Meijer and the Hubs doesn't like doing our grocery shopping there.  

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